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Island and Providence plantations. Connecticut.

College of Quebec. Montmagny. The Dutchess

of Aiguillon. Ursuline Nuns. Sisters of the Con-

gregation. Fort Richelieu. Louis XIV. Union

of the New England colonies. Their treaty with

Acadie. D'Aillebout. Offer of a treaty to Cana-

da. Oliver Cromwell. Commissioners of New

England. Indians. Missionaries among them.

Godefroy and Dreuillettes sent to Boston. De Lau-

son. Irruption of the Iroquois. Swedish colony

abandoned. D'Argenson. Bishop of Petrea. Vi-

car general. Seminary of Montreal. The English

from Virginia discover the Ohio. Charles II. pro-

claimed in Virginia. Irruptions of the Iroquois

near Quebec. Epidemic. Meteors. D'Avaugour.

Dissentions among the chiefs. Sale of ardent spirits

to the Indians. Earthquake. Vision of a nun.

The charter of the company of New France surren-

dered. De Gaudais. Superior and inferior courts

of justice. Grant to the Duke of York. The Dutch

driverf from New Belgica. New York. Albany.

New Jersey. Fresh dissentions among the chiefs.

De Courcelles. De Tracy. Viceroy of New France.

Regiment of Carignan Salieres. New colonists.

Horses, oxen and sheep brought from France to

Canada, Fort Sorel. Fort St. Theresa. Expe-

dition against the Iroquois. Another earthquake.

Carolina. Charles II. of Spain. West India Com-

pany. Quebec erected into a Bishop's See. French

and English Plenipotentiaries in Boston. Fron-

tenac. Fort at Catarocoui. Salem. Father Mar-

quette. Joliet. Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan. Outagami river.

Ouisconsing. Mississippi. °Illinois. Missouris.

Arkansas. Great rejoicings in Quebec on the dis-

covery of the Mississsippi.


The French are driven from Acadie. Complaints of

the Canadians against their Governor. The Abbé

de Fenelon. Sale of spirituous liquors to the In-

dians. Representations of the Clergy. The Arch-

bishop of Paris and Father de la Chaise. Lasalle

proposes to explore the course of the Mississippi.

He goes to France. The Prince of Conti. The

Chevalier de Tonti. Lasalle returns. Fort Fron-

tenac. Adveturers from New England cross the

Mississippi and visit New Mexico. Lakes Outario,

Erie, Huron and Michigan. Little Miami river.

Illinois. Lasalle's men endeavour to indispose

the Illinois against him. He defeats their plan.

The intrigue of a Mascoutan Indian. Attempt to

poison Lasalle.

Arkansas. Dacan. Hennepin,

Mississippi. Falls of St. Anthony. Sioux. Penn-

sylvania.Miamis. Outagamis. Ainous. Mas.

coutans. Fort Creveccur. Irruptions of the Iro-

quois into the country of the Illinois. Acadie res-

tored to the French. Fort Penkuit. Chicagou.

Mlinois., Mississippi river. The Miami. Chicka-

Fort Prudhomme. Cappas. Arkansas.

Alligators. Tamsas. Red River. Quinipissas.

Tangipaos. Gulf of Mexico.

Lasalle takes pos-

session of the country, at the mouth of the Missis-

sippi. He calls the river St. Louis, and the coun-

try Louisiana. He is visited by Indians from seve-

ral tribes. He returns. His party is attacked by

the Quinipissas, who are routed. The Natchez.

Taensas. Arkansas. Chickasaw Bluffs. Lasalle

is detained there by sickness. The Chevalier de

Tonti proceeds with part of the men. They meet

at Michillimackinac." The Chevalier goes to Fort

St. Louis, and Lasalle to Quebec. Count de Fron-

tenac. Lasalle sails for France,


Le Febvre de la Barre. De Meules. Lasalle ar-

rives in France. The Marquis of Seignelai. Ex-

pedition for the Mississippi. Volunteers, soldiers,

colonists, mechanics and priests. The fleet weighs

anchor. Beaujeu. Hispaniola. Cuba. Beaujeu

misses the mouth of the Mississippi, and is driven

westwardly. Bay of St. Bernard. Lasalle at-

tempts to find the Mississippi by land. Indians.

One of the vessels is cast ashore. James II. Com-

merce of Canada. Champigny de Norroy. Card

money. Beaujeu sails'for France. A fort built at

the western extremity of the bay of St. Bernard.

Another attempt to find the Mississippi. Point

Hurier. An establishment commenced on the

banks of Rio Colorado, or Riviere aux vaches.

The fortifications on the gulf are demolished, and

all the colonists remove to Colorado, where they

build a new fort. The Chevalier de Tonti des-

cends the Mississippi, in search of the colonists.

They are distressed by disease, Indian hostilities

and famine. Last attempt to find the Mississippi.

Irruptions of the Iroquois in Canada. The Mar-

quis de Denonville. His correspondence with the

Governor of New York. Pasteboard money. La-

salle loses his last vessel, and sets off for the Illi.


Buffaloes. Biscatonge Indians. Chinono-

as. Rattle Snake. Cenis. Nassonites. Sickness

and return of Lassalle. State of the colony. La-

salle determines to return to France, by the way

of Canada. One of his party falls sick, is sent

back and killed by the Indians. Resentment of

his brother. The party stops to kill Buffoloes,

and cure the meat. Mutiny. Lasalle and his

nephew are murdered. Division of the party. The

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