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Pondus, ponder-is, weight: ponder, pound.
Pon-ere, positum, to place: post, position, compose, depôt, depose,

disposal, expose, exposure, opposite, opponent, propose, purpose,

suppose, preposition, postage. Populus, people: popular, people, populous, public, publish. Porta-re, to carry: export, import, portable, transport, support. Portus, a harbour: port, opportunity. Possum, pot-ens, to be able: impotent, possible, impossible. Prehend-ere, prehensum, to lay hold of: apprehend, comprehend,

comprehensive, apprentice, enterprise, prison, surprise. Prem-ere, pressum, to press: pressure, impress, express, oppression. Primus, first: prime, primrose. Princeps, princip-is, chief: prince, principal, principle. Priva-re, to take away: deprive, deprivation, private. Proba-re, probatum, to test, to prore: probable, proof, prove, im

provement. Proprius, one's own, peculiar : proper, property, appropriate, propriety. Puta-re, putatum, to prune, to set in order, to think: dispute, com

pute, impute, reputation. Quaer-ere, quaesitum, to seek: acquire, acquisition, conquer, con

quest, exquisite, inquiry, request, question, unquestionable, in

quest, query. Qualis, of what kind : quality, qualify, disqualify. Quies, quiet-is, rest: quiet, quietude. Rap-ere, raptum, to snatch: rapid, rapacious. Reg-ere, retcum, to rule: direct, erect, correct, regular, regulation,

regiment. Res, a thing: real, unreal, reality. Rex, reg-is, a ru'er: regal, regalia, royal, royalty, reign. Rota, a wheel: rotation, rote, route. Rotundus, round: surround. Rump-ere, ruptum, to break : abrupt, corrupt, corruption, rupture,

eruption. Sali-re, saltum (sultum in compounds), to leap: insult, exult, result,

assault, salmon. Salus, salut-is, health, safety: salute, salutation. Sanus, sound: sane, insane, insanity. Satis, enough: satisfy, satisfaction (facere), saturate. Scand-ere, scansum (scensum in compounds), to climb: ascend, ascent,

descend, condescend. Scire, to know: science, conscience, conscious, scientific. Scrib-ere, scriptum, to write: subscribe, prescribe, scripture, inde

scribable, scribble. Seca-re, sectum, to cut: section, insect, sect. Securus, free from care: secure, sure, surety, surely. Sede-re, sessum (sido in composition), to sit : preside, reside, see (of

a bishop), siege, session. Senti-re, sensum, to feel: sense, sensibility, consent, assent, scent,


Sequi, secutum, to follow : consequence, prosecute, persecute, pursue,

pursuit, ensue. Ser-ere, sertum, to join: assert, insert, series, sermon. Serva-re, servatum, to keep: preserve, observe, preservation. Servi-re, servitum, to be a slave: serve, service, servant, serviceable,

deserve. Signum, a mark: sign, signal, consign, design, designate, signature,

signify. Similis, like (simul at the same time): simile, assimilate, assemble,

semblance. Sist-ere (perfect stiti), to stop: resist, assist, consist, exist, substi

tute, constitute. Socius, a companion: social, associate, society. Solv-ere, solutum, to loosen, to pay: solve, dissolve, resolve, solution,

resolution, absolute. Sonus, sound: consonant, sonorous, resound, sound. Spec-ere, spexum, and spect-are, spectatum, to see, look at: species,

special, specimen, spectral, speculate, aspect, expect, prospect,

respect, suspicion, conspicuous, retrospect. Spera-re, speratum, to hope: despair, desperation. Spira-re, spiratum, to breathe: spiritus, breath: spirit, conspire,

expire, inspire, inspiration, respiration. Sponde-re, sponsum, to promise: despond, correspond, despondency,

responsive. Sta-re, statum, to stand: station, state, statue, stationer, stable, con

stant, distance, establish, obstacle, substance. Stern-ere, stratum, to lay flat: stratum, street, prostrate, consterna

tion. Stingu-ere, stinctum (only used in compounds), to prick, to mark:

distinguish, distinct, extinct, instinct. String-ere, strictum, to bind, hold fast: strict, district, restrict,

strain. Stru-ere, structum, to lay in order, to build: structure, construct,

destruction, destroy, instrument. Sum-ere, sumtum, to take: consume, consumption, assume, presume. Surg-ere, surrectum (rego), to rise: surge, insurgent, resurrection,

source, resource. Supremus, or summus, the highest part: summit, supreme, supre

macy, sum. Tang-ere, tactum, to touch: contact, entire, contagion, integrity. Teg-ere, tectum, to cover: detect, protect, protection. Tempera-re, to mix, to moderate: temper, temperate, temperature. Tempus, tempor-is, time: temporal, temporary, extempore, tense. Tend-ere, tentum or tensum, to stretch, to tend: attend, attention,

contend, pretence, intense. Tene-re, tentum, to hold: continent, continual, continuous, tenacious,

abstinence, impertinent, contain, sustain, sustenance, maintain,

maintenance, retinue. Tenta-re, tentatum, to try: tempt, attempt, temptation.

Ter-ere, tritum, to rub: contrite, detriment.
Terminus, a limit, boundary: term, determine, determination.
Terra, the earth: Mediterranean (medius), subterranean, terrestrial,

Terre-re, territum, to friyhten: terror, terrible, terrify.
Testis, a witness: test, contest, testimony, testament.
Torque-re, tortum, to twist: contortion, torture, distort, tortuous,

torment, retort. Trad-ere, traditum, to put across, to hand over: tradition, treason,

traitor. Trah-ere, tractum, to draw (tractare, to draw up and down, to

handle): tract, attract, contract, extract, trace, retrace, entreat,

portrait, train, treatment. Trem-ere, to tremble: tremor, tremble, tremendous. Tribu-ere, tributum, to assign: tribe, attribute, contribute, distribute. Turba, a crowd, confusion: disturb, disturbance, turbulent, turbid. Unda, a ware: abundance, undulate, abound. Unus, one: unit, unite, unity, union, universal, uniform (forma),

unanimous (animus). Uti, usus, to use: use, utility, usage, useful, utilization, unusual, abuse. Vad-ere (invadere, invasum), to go: invade, invasion, evasion. Vale-re, to be strong: valour, valiant, invalid, avail, prevail, preva

lence, value. Veh-ere, vectum, to carry: convey, conveyance, vehement. Velle (volo, I am williny), to be willing: volunteer, benevolent,

voluntary Veni-re, ventum, to come: event, invent, advent, prevent, adventure,

inventory, invention, venture, venturesome, convenient, revenue, Vert-ere, versum, to turn: convert, converse, verse, divert, inad

vertent, traverse, version, vertical. Via, a way: viaduct (ducere), obvious, previous, envoy, trivial. Vide-re, visum, to see: vision, evidence, providence, prudence, pro

vision, providential, view, visit, survey, envy. Vinc-ere, victum, to conquer: victim, convince. Viv-ere, to live, and vita, life: vital, survive, revive, victuals. Voca-re, vocatum, to call: vocal, provoke, equivocate (æquus), advo

cate, vowel. Volv-ere, volutum, to roll, to fold: revolve, revolution, volume, re

volt, vault. Vove-re, votum, to vow: devote, devotion, devout, avow.



Angelos, a messenger: angel, evangel, evangelist, evangelical.
Anthropos, a man: philanthropist.
Archein, to rule: monarch, anarchy, patriarch.
Arctos, a bear: arctic, antarctic (anti).

Ballein, to throw: parable, problem, emblem, symbol.
Bios, life: biography (graphein), autobiography (auto), amphibious

Chronos, time: chronic, anachronism, chronicle.
Cratos, rule: aristocracy.
Ergon, a work: energy, liturgy (leitos, public).
Ge, the earth: geography, geology.
Graphein, to write, gramma, a writing: graphic, autograph (auto),

biography (bios), paragraph, grammar, photograph (1 hos, light). Hieros, sacred: hieroglyphic. Hodos, a way: method, exodus, period, episode. Legein, to speak (logos, discourse): dialect, dialogue, catalogue. Metron, a measure: metre, barometer, thermometer, diameter. Pathos, feeling: sympathy, antipathy, pathetic. Phanai, to say (phemi, 1 say): blaspheme (blaptein, to hurt), blame,

prophecy, prophesy. Philos, a friend: philosophy (sophia, wisdom), philanthropist (an

Polis, a city: politics, polite, metropolis (meter, a mother).
Stellein, to send out: apostle, epistle.
Strophos, a turning: catastrophe.
Tropos, a turning : trophy.

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