The Twelve Nights

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Whittaker, Treacher, 1831 - Počet stran: 404
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Strana 203 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
Strana 81 - Were such things here, as we do speak about? Or have we eaten of the insane root, That takes the reason prisoner ? Macb.
Strana 367 - Where slaves once more their native land behold, No fiends torment, no Christians thirst for gold. To Be, contents his natural desire, He asks no Angel's wing, no Seraph's fire; But thinks, admitted to that equal sky, His faithful dog shall bear him company.
Strana 287 - That's truly great. What think you 'twas set up The Greek and Roman name in such a lustre, But doing right, in stern despite to Nature, Shutting their ears to all her little cries, When great, august, and godlike justice call'd...
Strana 260 - Monsieur here, who arrived last night," said the sergeant, in a perfectly matter-of-fact tone. The colonel smiled bitterly. "Well, monsieur," he said, "you command in chief; order the entrance to the redoubt to be strengthened with these waggons, for the enemy is in force; but General C will see that you are supported." "Colonel," I said, "are you severely wounded ? " "Finished, my boy, but the redoubt is taken !
Strana 99 - ... elevated, were placed an axe and a block covered with black crape. In this unearthly assembly none seemed at all conscious of the presence of Charles, or of the three individuals by whom he was accompanied. At last the oldest of the judges in black robes,— he who appeared to discharge the functions of president, rising with dignity, struck three times with his hand upon an open folio. Profound silence immediately succeeded. Some youths of distinguished appearance, richly dressed, and with their...
Strana 329 - Or, frequent in the sounding hall, they wake The rural gambol. Rustic mirth goes round; The simple joke that takes the shepherd's heart, Easily...
Strana 249 - I the death denounc'rg trumpet sounds The fatal charge, and shouts proclaim the onset Destruction rushes dreadful to the field And bathes itself in blood: havoc let loose Now undistinguished, rages all around: While Ruin, seated on her dreary throne, Sees the plain strewed with subjects truly hers, Breathless and cold.
Strana 87 - XL, father of the celebrated Charles XII., was one of the most despotic, but, at the same time, wisest monarchs, who ever reigned in Sweden. He curtailed the enormous privileges of the nobility, abolished the power of the Senate, made laws on his own authority ; in a word, he changed the constitution of the country, hitherto an oligarchy, and forced the States to invest...
Strana 97 - ... thing under him assumed a new aspect, the government, the religion, the finances, the commerce, the agriculture, the sciences and the morals of the Swedes. Instead of the assemblies of the nobles, formerly in use, and destructive of the national liberty, he substituted Diets composed of the different orders of the State, the nobility, the clergy, the citizens, and the peasantry. By this means he acquired a new influence, of which he took advantage to humble the power of the church and the nobles,...

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