The Monthly Chronicle, Svazek 1

Přední strana obálky
Nathan Hale
S.N. Dickinson, 1840

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Strana 118 - Towns may, by consent of a majority of the legal voters present at a legal meeting, in each of said Towns respectively, called for that purpose, and held before the first day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, and every tenth year thereafter, form themselves into a Representative District, to continue for the term of ten years ; and such District shall have all the rights, in regard to representation, which would belong to a Town containing the same number of inhabitants.
Strana 28 - We first saw some broken and scattered boxes ; then a cart, the two oxen of which were lying dead, as if they had fallen asleep, their yokes still on them ; a little to the right, one or two horses were seen. We then came to a small enclosure, made by felling trees in such a manner as to form a triangular breastwork for defence. Within the triangle, along the north and west faces of it, were about thirty bodies, mostly mere skeletons, although much of the clothing was left upon them.
Strana 118 - ... towns not entitled to a representative every year is to be divided, shall be increased, respectively, by one-tenth of the numbers above mentioned, whenever the population of the commonwealth shall have increased to seven hundred and seventy thousand, and for every additional increase of seventy thousand inhabitants, the same addition of one-tenth shall be made, respectively, to the said numbers above mentioned.
Strana 289 - Under these circumstances, we feel ourselves obliged to report that, in our opinion, a few days more of such exposure as they have already undergone, would reduce the number of the crew by sickness to such an extent as to hazard the safety of the ship and the lives of all on board.
Strana 118 - Councillors shall be annually chosen from among the people at large, on the first "Wednesday of January, or as soon thereafter as may be, by the joint ballot of the Senators and Representatives, assembled in one room, who shall, as soon as may be, in like manner, fill up any vacancies that may happen in the Council by death, resignation or otherwise. No person shall be elected a Councillor who...
Strana 155 - Our view of the low main shore was confined to five miles in an easterly direction, after which it appeared to turn off greatly to the right. We could, therefore, scarcely doubt our having arrived at that large gulf uniformly described by the Esquimaux as containing many islands, and with numerous indentations stretching down to the southward, till it approaches within 40 miles of Repulse and Wager Bays.
Strana 28 - It was during a cessation of the fire that the little band still remaining, about thirty in number, threw up the triangular breastwork, which from the haste with which it was constructed, was necessarily defective, and could not protect the men in the second attack. We had with us many of the personal friends of the officers of Major Dade's command, and it is gratifying to be able to state that every officer was identified by undoubted evidence.
Strana 117 - The several Senatorial Districts now existing, shall be permanent. The Senate shall consist of forty members ; and in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, and every tenth year thereafter, the Governor and Council shall assign the number of Senators to be chosen in each district, according to the number of inhabitants in the same.
Strana 154 - Back's exquisite drawing. Cape Beaufort we almost seemed to touch; and with the telescope we were able to discern a continuous line of high land, as far round as north-east, about two points more northerly than Cape Hay, the extreme eastern point seen by Sir George Back. " The traverse to the farthest visible land occupied six hours...
Strana 448 - Sultan ; animated by the desire of maintaining the integrity and independence of the Ottoman empire as a security for the peace of Europe...

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