A Serious Occupation: Literary Criticism by Victorian Women Writers

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Solveig C. Robinson
Broadview Press, 21. 2. 2003 - Počet stran: 328

This anthology of literary criticism by Victorian women of letters brings together a wealth of difficult-to-find writings. Originally published from the 1830s through the 1890s, the essays concern a range of topics including poetry, fiction, non-fiction prose, the roles of literature and of criticism, topical reviews of major works, and retrospectives of major authors. Together, they demonstrate the impressive depth and breadth of Victorian women’s literary criticism.

This Broadview anthology also includes an introduction, textual and explanatory notes, author biographies, and suggestions for further reading.

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Portia 1832
Achievements of the Genius of Scott December 1832
Review of Vanity Fair and Jane Eyre December 1848
People Who Do Not Like Poetry May 1849
Editors Preface to the New Edition of Wuthering Heights 1850
Silly Novels by Lady Novelists October 1856
To Novelistsand a Novelist April 1861
The Uses and Pleasures of Poetry for the Working Classes 1863
Review of Cometh Up as a Flower April 1867
Novels September 1867
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O autorovi (2003)

Solveig C. Robinson is an Assistant Professor of English at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma.

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