The Spectator

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"Undated Tonson-Draper edition in duodecimo (possibly pirated), c.1750s. Davis notes that no date appears on this edition in any of the volumes. The partnership between the Tonsons and Draper lasted from c.1744 to 1756, with most of their collaborations dating to the early 1750s. The absence of a date and lack of any printer's ornaments makes it uncertain whether this is a true Tonson publication, or an imitation by another publisher. However, the full-page frontispiece illustrations in each volume do appear to be authentic engravings by Charles Grignion of Francis Hayman's illustrations. The decision to include Draper in the colophon suggests a date of c.1750, authentic or not." -- In "Joseph Addison Tercentenary Essays" Appendix A: The Complete Spectator, 1712-1812: A Bibliographical Catalogue, Section A20, pages 345-346.

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