Downsizing: Law and Practice

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Bureau of National Affairs, 1996 - Počet stran: 1175
Cut the risk of lawsuits -- with this complete source for addressing the discrimination, benefits, and other key concerns related to reductions in force.

Downsizing: Law and Practice is your step-by-step guide for planning and implementing a RIF and reducing the risk of future claims under the ADEA, ERISA, the WARN Act, and other laws. You get an expert's precise and practical discussion of:

- layoffs

- exit incentives

- RIF benefits


- outplacement

- golden parachutes

- ERISA issues


- collective bargaining agreements, and more

The author provides comprehensive guidance on early retirement packages and other downsizing a detailed discussion of pensions, benefits, and more.

And to save you time, the author includes dozens of fully annotated, ready-to-use forms, policies, checklists, and other documents for every stage of RIF planning and implementation. These materials are also provided on an accompanying computer diskette (WordPerfect"R" 5.1) to make drafting documents easier.

With Downsizing, you have the tools you need to:

- create severance plans and communication kits

-develop exit incentive plans and kits

- schedule RIF implementation effectively

- minimize taxes on RIF benefits

-know when collective bargaining is necessary

- test qualified RIF benefits for discrimination

- choose an outplacement firm

-and resolve many other downsizing issues

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