Identity, Performance and Technology: Practices of Empowerment, Embodiment and Technicity

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S. Broadhurst, J. Machon
Springer, 23. 10. 2012 - Počet stran: 234
This project investigates the implications of technology on identity in embodied performance, opening up a forum of debate exploring the interrelationship of and between identities in performance practices and considering how identity is formed, de-formed, blurred and celebrated within diverse approaches to technological performance practice.

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Foreword by Thecla Schiphorst
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GHISLAINE BODDINGTON Independent scholar, UK ANDREW BUCKSBARG Independent scholar, UK SELENE CARTER Lecturer in Contemporary Dance, Indiana University, USA CHARLIE GERE Head of Department and Reader in New Media Research, Lancaster University, UK LESLIE HILL Associate Professor of Performance Making, Stanford University, USA CARISSA HOPE-LYNCH Literary Officer with Graeae Theatre Company, UK ROBERTA MOCK Professor of Performance Studies and Director of the Arts & Humanities Doctoral Training Centre, Plymouth University, UK HELEN PARIS Professor of Drama, Stanford University, USA SITA POPAT Lecturer of Dance, Theatre and Performance, University of Leeds, UK KELLY PREECE Research Associate in Dance, University of Leeds, UK THECLA SCHIPHORST Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University, Canada FRANZISKA SCHROEDER Lecturer/RCUK Fellow, School of Creative Arts, Queen's University Belfast, UK HELLEN SKY Post Graduate Candidate, SIAL RMIT, Australia OLU TAIWO Senior Lecturer, University of Winchester, UK PAUL WOODWARD Independent scholar, UK

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