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Orleans, advising all who could possibly do so to attend that meeting and offering to aid in every possible way the registration of those who wished to go.

DR. M. M. SMITH: I want information on a little point. My understanding that members of this Association who have read papers before this meeting, if the author so desires he may publish same where he likes; but under reorganization aecording to the American Medical Association plan this rule does not work. I want to know, do they go into effect after adjournment of this Association or do the Constitution and By-Laws governing this Association govern the publication of these papers ?

DR. H. A. WEST: My understanding is, so far as the publication of the papers is concerned, that we operate under the old by-law, wherein authors if they so desire are allowed to publish their papers elsewhere before their appearance in the proceedings.

DR. S. C. RED: The rules and regulations of the new Constitution should go into effect immediately upon the adjournment of this body, i. e., as soon as we adjourn here the new Constitution and By-Laws will be in force.

DR. J. T. MOORE: I think it would be very unfortunate to attempt to work under the old Constitution, because the work we have done would practically be of no value. In order to settle this matter with reference to publishing papers, I move that all persons who have contributed to this Association be allowed to publish them where they choose, in addition to their publication in the Transactions.

The motion, upon being duly seconded, was adopted.
Dr. Crouse offered the following resolution:

I wish to make a motion that this part of the executive work stop, and that we take up the reading of papers instead.

DR. S. C. RED: I would like to ask if this is the last business session before we close ?

Dr. H. A. West offered the following amendment: That we take up scientific work for a little while and that executive business be resumed after reading of papers.

The motion, as amended, was then adopted.

Obstetrics and Diseases of Children was the first Section which had papers unread.

Dr. T. J. Bell, of Tyler, was called to the chair, and he proceeded to read his paper, entitled “When is Prevention of Conception Justifiable?” which was freely and extensively discussed by the following: Drs. Wm. Keiller, Frank Paschal, Chas. Wardell Stiles, M. H. S., John T. Moore, J. C. Loggins, Dr. H. A. West, G. H. Moody, J. F. Y. Paine; and closed by Dr. T. J. Bell.

The following papers were read by title: "Otitis Media From the Standpoint of the General Practitioner," by Dr. E. E. Guinn. "Cow's Milk; Its Care and Use in Infant Feeding," by Dr. Jas. H. Bute.

The Section on Surgery was then taken up, and Dr. Wm. Keiller took the chair.

A Case of Abdominal Suppuration of Obscure Origin," was the title of a paper read by Dr. A. L. Hathcock, of Palestine.

Dr. Hathcock's paper was discussed by Dr. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria.

On motion of Dr. H. A. West, all unread papers were referred to the Publishing Committee.

The Section on State Medicine was then called, and Dr. Frank Paschal was called to the chair.

"The Tuberculin Test in the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Man," was the title of a paper read by Dr. Boyd Cornick, of San Angelo, which was then discussed by Dr. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria.

The following papers were referred to the Publishing Committee after being read by title:

“The Climatology of Fort Davis,” by Dr. W. T. Davis, of Fort Davis; "The Public Control of Tuberculosis,” by Dr. W. S. Carter; “The Adaptability of the Climate of Western Texas for the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis,” by Dr. C. H. Wilkinson, of Galveston.

Dr. H. A. West then offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That we hereby extend our hearty thanks to the physicians, the citizens, and especially to the ladies of San Antonio, for their magnificent hospitality, to the public press and to all others who have so kindly and freely contributed to make this one of the most pleasant meetings ever held in the history of the Association.

Unanimously adopted.

Upon motion, the Association adjourned to meet at Austin the fourth Tuesday in April, 1904. Minutes approved.

FRANK PASCHAL, President. H. A. WEST, Secretary.








APRIL 28TH, 29TH, 30TH, AND MAY 1ST, 1903.

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