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Harrison County Medical Society.-Dr. O. M. Heartsill, Marshall.
Houston Medical Society.-Dr. J. W. Scott, Houston.
Johnson County Medical Society.-Dr. J. D. Osborn, Cleburne.
Kaufman County Medical Society.-Dr. James Orr, Terrell.
Lavaca County Medical Society.-Dr. Walter Shropshire, Yoakum.
North Texas Medical Society.-Dr. C. E. Cantrell, Greenville.
Practitioners Society of Dallas.-Dr. S. E. Milliken, Dallas.
Rogers Medical Society.-Dr. G. T. Thomas, Rogers.
San Angelo Medical Society.-Dr. Boyd Cornick, San Angelo.
Smith County Medical Society.-Dr. T. J. Bell, Tyler.
South Texas Medical Society.-Dr. J. W. Scott, Houston.
West Texas Medical Society.-Dr. W. B. Russ, San Antonio.
Williamson County Medical Society.-Dr. J. C. Anderson, Granger.

After discussing the plan of reorganization recommended by the American Medical Association, and inviting the Honorable Representative of that body, Dr. J. N. McCormack, to explain certain points which were under discussion, your committee, or House of Delegates, beg leave to make the following unanimous report and to recommend its adoption by this Association:

Resolved, That the Constitution and By-Laws just adopted shall go into effect upon the adjournment of this annual meeting, except that the outgoing President shall appoint the council provided for in it at his earliest convenience, to serve for one year, or until the House of Delegates elects a council in 1904, and that such council shall organize, divide the State into fifteen councilor districts, map out and arrange its organization work for the coming year, and report its plan to this Association before final adjournment.

Resolved, That the Secretary be authorized to have printed five thousand copies each of the Constitution and By-Laws for the State and county societies, for distribution as soon as practicable to the members of this Association, and from time to time to such other physicians as may be indicated by the respective councilors, and that he also be authorized to provide such stationery and blank forms as may be necessary to put the new plan into operation. And that the Secretary's salary remain for the next year the same as now exists, and that he be authorized to employ a stenographer when necessary.

Resolved, That the President and Secretary are hereby authorized to issue charters to county societies during the year, upon the approval of the executive committee of the council. And be it further

Resolved, That new members accepted by county societies after the adjournment of this annual meeting, to pay their dues to the State Association in advance, shall be credited for such dues as for the year 1904, prac


tically obtaining membership for two years for one fee, but that this shall not apply to the dues to the county society for the current year.

S. C. RED President.
M. M. SMITH, Secretary.

The above report was unanimously adopted.

DR. M. M. SMITH: I move that the Secretary of this Association be authorized to send a telegram to the Secretary of the American Medical Association, informing him of the action of the Association at this time.


Section on Surgery was called, and Dr. Wm. Keiller took the chair. In the absence of Dr. Gunby, Secretary of this Section, Dr. Keiller called Dr. H. W. Crouse to the secretary's desk.

Dr. Wm. Keiller then read the Chairman's address, entitled "The Relation of Anatomy to Surgery."

Next paper on the program was "The Anatomical Basis of Scientific Amputation," by Dr. J. E. Thompson, Galveston. Dr. Thompson not being present, Dr. Keiller announced that he had Dr. Thompson's paper and illustrations in his possession, and asked the pleasure of the Section. On motion, it was decided that Dr. Keiller read and illustrate Dr. Thompson's paper.

"Gross and Microscopic Anatomy of the Vermiform Appendix, and Its Bearing on Appendicitis," by Dr. H. B. Decherd, of Galveston, was read by the Chairman, Dr. Keiller, and was profusely illustrated.

Dr. Shropshire moved that discussion on all papers in the symposium on appendicitis be postponed until all papers had been read. Motion carried.

Dr. H. A. Barr, of Beaumont, read a paper entitled "Appendicitis, with Report of Cases."

The following list of Councilors having been appointed was then read by President Red:

First District.-S. T. Turner, El Paso.

Second District.-P. C. Coleman, Colorado.
Third District.-D. R. Fly, Amarillo.

Fourth District.-C. M. Alexander, Coleman.
Fifth District.-W. B. Russ, San Antonio.
Sixth District.-A. E. Spohn, Corpus Christi.
Seventh District.-T. J. Bennett, Austin.
Eighth District.-Walter Shropshire, Yoakum.
Ninth District.-J. T. Moore, Galveston.
Tenth District.-B. F. Calhoun, Beaumont.
Eleventh District.-S. R. Burroughs, Buffalo.
*Twelfth District.-W. R. Blailock, McGregor.

Thirteenth District.-J. H. McCracken, Mineral Wells.

Fourteenth District.-C. E. Cantrell, Greenville.

Fifteenth District.-Holman Taylor, Marshall.

The Judicial Council, through its Chairman, Dr. J. T. Moore, made a report containing a list of new members, which was, upon motion, duly adopted.

Dr. F. P. Miller, of Midland, read a paper on "Appendicitis-A Discussion of Its Treatment."

The papers of Drs. Decherd, Barr and Miller were then discussed by Drs. H. W. Crouse, of Victoria; W. B. Collins, of Lovelady; T. P. Weaver, of De Leon; J. H. Reuss, of Cuero; Nicks, of Stone City; F. D. Garrett, of Gainesville; Wm. Keiller, of Galveston; closed by H. A. Barr, F. P. Miller and J. F. Y. Paine.

Dr. H. W. Crouse then read a paper entitled "Rubber in Windowing Compound Fracture Cases," which was discussed by Drs. H. A. Barr, of Beaumont; Chas. Wardell Stiles, M. H. S., Washington, D. C.; Wm. Keiller, of Galveston; F. P. Miller, of Midland, and closed by Dr. Crouse.

"Extra-Uterine Pregnancy" was the title of a paper presented and read by Dr. J. S. McCelvey, of Temple, which was discussed by Drs. J. F. Y. Paine, of Galveston; T. P. Weaver, of De Leon; J. T. Moore, of Galveston; J. M. Frazier, of Belton; J. T. O'Barr, of Ledbetter, and closed by J. S. McCelvey, of Temple.

Adjourned until 2 p. m.

*Dr. Blailock being absent from the State, the President appointed Dr. J. J. Robert, Hillsboro, in his place.

SECOND DAY.-Afternoon Session.

At 2 o'clock the Association was called to order by President Red. The Section on Medical Jurisprudence was then called, and Dr. J. R. Nichols, of Terrell, took the chair.

On motion of Dr. Red, the Section took a recess for fifteen minutes.

At the close of the recess Dr. Nichols again called the Section on Medical Jurisprudence to order and read his annual address as Chairman.

Dr. Marvin L. Graves then presented "Clinical Notes of Mental Diseases."

Dr. Graves's paper was discussed by Drs. J. F. Y. Paine, of Galveston; E. W. Link, of Palestine; W. W. MacGregor, Laredo; E. E. Guinn, of Jacksonville; closed by Dr. Graves.

At the close of the discussion on Dr. Graves's paper, the following telegram was read by President Red:

SHERMAN, Texas, April 29th, 1903. Dr. S. C. Red, President State Medical Association, San Antonio, Texas: Accept my sincere thanks. Assure Association of my profound gratitude. J. T. WILSON.

"Degenerative Stigmata" was the title of a paper read and illustrated by Dr. G. H. Moody, of San Antonio.

The Judicial Council, through Secretary M. M. Smith, offered a report containing a list of new names.

Discussion was then had by Drs. Nicks, of Stone City; W. W. MacGregor, of Laredo.

"Expert Witness in Court" was the title of a paper sent by Dr. J. C. Carleton, of Bonham, and, on motion, the paper was read by the Secretary of the Section, and referred to the Publishing Committee.

Dr. Robt. B. Sellers, of Comanche, sent a paper entitled "The Plea of Insanity in our Courts." The paper was read by caption and referred to the Publishing Committee.

A recess was then taken for fifteen minutes. At the end of the

recess, President Red called the Association to order and the following memorial services were held:


DR. GRAVES, San Antonio: It is always a melancholy duty to respond to an announcement of the death of our co-laborers, especially of one who took such an active interest in the welfare of our Association work as our deceased brother, Dr. A. B. Gardner. For twenty years he was a most active and earnest worker in the ranks of the profession along broad lines. He gave much of his time and the enthusiasm of his many sided nature to the development of high ideals. In all of his professional life he was foremost in the affairs of the official organism, and spent much of his time in trying to develop the State Medical Association along these lines. He did a great deal of active work for our Association. In 1889 the Association elected him President, which office he filled most acceptably and satisfactorily to the members of the Association.

Dr. Gardner was born in Warren county, Ky., November 7, 1852. He secured such education as the troublesome times during the Civil War afforded. In 1868 he entered the State University of Kentucky, remaining there some years, and in 1871 he began the study of medicine at the University of Louisville, Ky., and graduated therefrom in 1874. He then came to Texas and located at McDade, in Bastrop county, where he practiced for some years with zeal and success. Being an ambitious and progressive man, and not satisfied with his attainment, he desired to secure better education and advantages, and so went to New York, where, in 1881, he graduated at Bellevue Hospital and, after securing his diploma, returned to his adopted State and removed to Bellville, Texas, where he remained until his last illness and death. I am informed that in 1876 Dr. Gardner was happily married to Miss Hattie Campbell, of Bastrop, and from that union there resulted two children, a boy and a girl, now both about grown to manhood and womanhood. His wife and children survive him and were with him when the end came.

An earnest, active, vigorous manhood was his, and he was a staunch friend, an earnest worker, successful practitioner of medicine.

Up to his final illness he had been a worker in the professional field with energy and fidelity, and the Doctor was unwilling to submit to early departure and used every endeavor to recover his health, and finally left for Mineral Wells, and although he felt the possible approach of death, he went around and told his friends goodbye. He reached Mineral Wells and there secured attention and treatment with the hope of improvement, but the ravages of the disease had already claimed him, and it was impossible to arrest it, so he rapidly grew worse and the news was carried over the wires that

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