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Strana 90 - a mind diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with some sweet oblivious antidote cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous grief which weighs upon the heart.
Strana 1 - ARTICLE II. PURPOSES OF THE ASSOCIATION. The purposes of this Association shall be to federate and bring into one compact organization the entire medical profession of the State of Texas, and to unite with similar associations in other States to form the American Medical Association, with a view to the
Strana 623 - the proper authorities in the administration and the observance of sanitary laws and regulations, and they should also be ever ready to give counsel to the public in relation to subjects especially appertaining to their profession, as on questions of sanitary police, public hygiene and legal medicine. Enlightenment of Public on Sanitary Matters. Duties in Epidemics. SEC.
Strana 621 - SECTION 1. Diversity of opinion and opposition of interest may, in the medical as in other professions, sometimes occasion controversy and even contention. Whenever such unfortunate cases occur and can not be immediately adjusted, they should be referred to the arbitration of a sufficient number of impartial physicians.
Strana 622 - should always be recognized as presenting valid claims for gratuitous services; but neither institutions endowed by the public or the rich, or by societies for mutual benefit, for life insurance, or for analogous purposes, nor any profession or occupation, can be admitted to possess such privilege. Certifying or Testifying to
Strana 7 - SECTION 1. All elections shall be by secret ballot, and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. SEC. 2. The House of Delegates on the first day of the annual session shall select a Committee on
Strana 617 - practicing physicians and their immediate family dependants are entitled to the gratuitous services of any one or more of the physicians residing near them. Compensation for Expenses. SEC. 3. When a physician is summoned from a distance to the bedside of a colleague in easy
Strana 619 - 9. All discussions in consultation should be held as confidential. Neither by words nor by manner should any of the participants in a consultation assert or intimate that any part of the treatment pursued did not receive his assent. Conflicts of Opinion. SEC.
Strana 620 - of Other Physicians. SEC. 4. A physician ought not to take charge of, or prescribe for, a patient who has recently been under the care of another physician, in the same illness, except in case of a sudden emergency, or in consultation with
Strana 621 - simultaneously summoned. Under these circumstances, courtesy should assign the patient to the first who arrives, and who, if necessary, may invoke the aid of some of those present. In such case, however, the acting physician should request that the family physician be called, and

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