The Housekeeper's Guide to the Fish-market for Each Month of the Year: And an Account of the Fishes and Fisheries of Devon and Cornwall in Respect of Commerce, Economy, Natural History, and Statistics

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Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, 1843 - Počet stran: 144

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Strana 53 - Nay, take my life and all ; pardon not that : You take my house, when you do take the prop That doth sustain my house ; you take my life, When you do take the means whereby I live.
Strana 18 - And proudly vaunts her winter vest. Within some whispering osier isle, Where Glym's* low banks neglected smile ; And each trim meadow still retains The wintry torrent's oozy stains : Beneath a willow, long forsooK, The fisher seeks his custom'd nook ; And bursting through the crackling sedge, That crowns the current's cavern'd edge, He startles from the bordering wood The bashful wild-duck's early brood.
Strana 20 - When thoroughly cleaned, the fish should be wiped dry, but none of the scales should be taken off.. In this state it should be broiled, turning it often, and if the skin cracks, flour it a little to keep the outer case entire. When on table, the whole skin and scales turn off without difficulty; and the muscle beneath, saturated with its own natural juices, which the outside covering has retained, will be found of good flavour.
Strana 58 - Old Esop taught vain man to look In nature's much neglected book, To birds and beasts by giving speech For lessons out of common reach ; And though 'tis said they speak no more, (Once only too in days of yore,) They whisper truths in reason's ear, If human pride would stoop to hear...
Strana 56 - ... of Salmon is partaken of by Otters, and ravenous fishes, and Porpoises seem, every autumn, to visit harbours and estuaries in pursuit of them, in their upward migration ; Trout are feasted on by Otters, and many carnivorous fishes ; an Angler or...
Strana 57 - Considering the value of fish as an article of food, the supply immense, the source inexhaustible, its positive worth, " an amount of human food equal to little less than a million of money drawn forth annually from the waters...
Strana 45 - I am not aware that the continued use offish (if consumed in its healthful state) has any other influence on the human body than that of somewhat reducing its muscularity and vigour.
Strana 56 - Trouts and 2 Eels in its stomach ; several kinds of Cetaceans prey eagerly on the shoals of Herrings, Pilchards, and Mackarel...
Strana 55 - The prolificacy of edible fish is a subject fitted, for the most evident reasons, to call forth our...

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