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versus a Closed Shop, 912.

BARNETT, JAMDS F. The Proper Grade College Students Should Collego

of Diplomatic Representation-A Students Study? 280.

Reply, 758.

Coming Crash in Russla, The, 523.

BASCOM, JOHN. An Open versus a Common Sense of the Railroad Ques

Closed shop, 912.

tion, 676.

Battle-Field, Losses on the, 694. CONANT, CHARLES A. How the Stock

BAYARD, PHILIP FRANCIS. Conditions Market Reflects Values, 347.

in Morocco, 279.

Concerning Copyright, 1.

BEERS, HENRY A. The English Drama Conditions in Morocco, 279.

of To-day, 746.


Belglum-Control of Emigration in Appreciation, 102.

Europe, 856.

Contractor's Standpoint, The Panama

BELMONT, PERRY. Publicity of Elec Canal from a, 74.

tion Expenditures, 166.

Control of Emigration in Europe, 860.

Biography, 261.

Copyright, Concerning, 1.

BLIND, KÁRL. The Coming Crash In CRICHFIELD, GBORGD W. The Panama
Russla, 523.

Canal from a Contractor's Stand-

BBETT, G. P. Poverty: Some Sug-

point, 74.

gested Remedies, 288.


Proper Grade of Diplomatic Repre-, GARNER, JAMES W. The Merchant

sentation, 58; A Rejoinder, 897. Marine Investigation, 360.
CULLOY, Senator 8. M. The Treaty. Germany-The International Aspect of
Making Power, 385.

our Tarif situation, 381 ; Germany's
Czar's Soliloquy, The, 321.

Alm in Foreign Politics, 657 ; The

Centenary of Schiller's Death,' 566;
DANA, CHARLES S. Theodore Roose Control of Emigration in Europe,

velt and Tiberlus Gracchus, 827. 856 ; World-Politics, 141, 466, 788.
D'Annunzio's “ La Figua di Jorio," 41. Germany's Alm in Foreign Politics,
Denmark-Control of Emigration in 667.
Europe, 856.

GORDON, JULIEN. The Proper Grade
Diplomatic Representation, The of Diplomatic Representation, 68;

Proper Grade of, 68-A Reply, 758 ; A Rejoinder, 897.
A Rejoinder, 897.

Gothic Architecture, English, 704.
Divorce-Remarriage after Divorce, Gothic in the Cathedrals and Churches

613; Impediments to Marriage in of France, The, 219.
the Catholic Church, 764.

Government' Rate-Making Unnecessary
DOANE, Rt. Rev. WILLIAM CROSWELL. and Dangerous, 410.

Remarriage after Divorce ; The Gracchus, Tiberius, Theodore Roose-
Practice of the Roman Church Con velt and, 327.

trasted with its Theory, 613. GRINNELLE W. MOBTON. Rallway
DODD, IRA SPYMOUR. A Dream and a Rates, 235.
Vision, 535.

Guinevere Lancelot, Guinevere and
“ Don Quixote," The Tercentenary of, Arthur, 375; Arthur, Guinevere and

Lancelot, 918.
Drama-D'Annunzio's “ La Figlia di

Jorio," 41; Financing the National | HAINS, Brigadier-General PETER C.
Theatre, 198; The English Drama The Panama Canal-Some Objec-
of To-day, 746.

tions to a Sea-Level Project, 440.
Dream and & Vision, A, 685

HAYBS, The Rev. P. J. impediments

to Marriage in the Catholic Church,
Economic Questions Affecting the 764.
Visayan Islands, 688.

Holland_Control of Emigration in
Election-Qur Antiquated Method of Europe, 856.

Electing, a President, 9; Publicity HOLLANDER, JACOB H. The Polstical
of Election Expenditures, 166.

Economist and the Public, 249.
ELKIND, Dr. LOUIS. Losses on the How the Stock Market Reflects Values,
Battle-Field, 694.

ELLIS, HAVELOCK. The Tercentenary Hungary-The Juridical Nature of
of " Don Quixote," 670.

the Relations between Austria and
Emigrants, Italy's Attitude toward Hungary, 735 ; Control of Emigra-
her, 720.

tion in Europe_856.
Emigration-Italy's Attitude toward HYSLOP, JAMES H. The Immortality

her Emigrants, 720 ; Control of Emi. of the Soul, 394.

gration in Europe, 856.
England - The Russo-Japanese War: Immortallty of the Soul, The, 394.

Its Lessons for Great Britain and Immortality, Science and, 842.
the United States, 243 ; The Inter- impeachment, The American Law of,
national Aspect of our Tarit situa. 602.
tion, 381 ; Passive Resistance in Impediments to Marriage in the
England and Wales, 430 ; The Call Catholic Church, 764.
of Lord Kitchener, 602; English | India-The Call of Lord Kitchener,
Gothic Architecture, 704 ; The Eng. 602.
lish Drama of To-day,_746; Control International Aspect of our Tarik
of Emigration Europe, 856 ; Situation, The,881.
World-Politics, 134, 294, 453, 614, Issue of the Open and Closed Shop,
774, 927.

The, 28.
English Drama of To-day, The, 746. Italy The Internatlonal Aspect of
English Gothic Architecture, 704. our Tariff Situation, 381 ; Italy's
Europe, Control of Emigration in, 856, Attitude toward her Emigrants, 720;
Expenditures, Publicity of Election, Control of Emigration in Europe,

856; World-Politics, 941.

Italy's Attitude toward her Emigrants,
Financing the National Theatre, 198. 720.
Finger-Prints, An Ancient Reading of,

James, Henry: An Appreciation, 102.
Fourteenth Amendment - Shall the JAMOS, HENRY. New England: An

Fourteenth Amendment be En Autumn Impression, 481, 641, 801.
forced ? 109.

Japan Japan and Asiatic Leadership,
France The Gothic in the Cathedrals 48; Japanese Problems, 161; Tho

and Churches of France, 219; The Russo-Japanese War; Its Lessons
International Aspect of our Tarife for Great Britain and the United
Situation, 381; English Gothic States, 243; Probable Japanese
Architecture, 704 ; Stendhal: A Terms of Peace, 681.
Study, 829; Control of Emigration Japanese Problems, 161.
in Europe, 856; The Traffic in Juridical Nature of the Relations be-
Spurious Pictures, 903; World tween Austrla and Hungary, 735.

Politics, 310, 627.
FRENCH, WILLARD. The Public School | KELTIE, J. SCOTT. Some Results of
System in the Philippines, 546.

the South Polar Campaign, 210.

KENNEDY, CRAMMOND. The Spanish for Great Britain and the United
Treaty Claims, 186.

States, 243.
KINNOSUED, ADACHI. Probable Japan- Portugal-The International Aspect
ese Terms of Peace, 681.

of our Tarif Situation, 381.
Kitchener, Lord, The Call of, 602. Poverty: Some Suggested Remedies,

Labor Question—The Issue of the Open President, Our Antiquated Method of

and Closed Shop, 28; An Open Electing_a, 9.
versus a Closed Shop, 912.

Probable Japanese Terms of Peace,
Lancelot-Lancelot, Guinevere and Ar 681.

thur, 375; Arthur, Gulnevere and Proper Grade of Diplomatic Repre-
Lancelot, 918.

sentation, The, 68-A Reply, 758;
Life What is Life? 661.

A Rejoinder, 897.
LODGE, Sir OLIVER. What Is Life? 661 | Public School' System in the Philip-
Losses on the Battle-Field, 694.

pines, The, 648,
LUTZOW, Count. Stendhal: A Study, Publicity of Election Expenditures,


Pulpit, The A Dream and a Vision,
MAGBUDER, JULIA. Lancelot, Gulpevere 835.

and Arthur, 376.
Marriage Lancelot, Guinevere and Ar- Rallroad Question-Rallway. Rates,

thur, 375; Remarriage after DI 235; Government Rate-Making Un.
vorce, 613; Impediments to Mar. necessary and Dangerous, 410:
rlage in the Catholic Church, 764 ; Common Sense of the Railroad
Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot, Question, 676.

Railway Rates, 285.
Technic, 868.

roe Doctrine, 686.
Merchant Marine Investigation, The, REINSCH, PAUL 8. Japan and Aslatic

Leadership, 48.
METCALFE, JAMES 8. Financing the Remarriage after Divorce: Catholic
National Theatre, 198.

Theory and Practice, 613.
Monroe Doctrine, The New, 686. Representative Government for Rus-
Morocco, Conditions in, 279.

bla, 19.
Fourteenth Amendment be


vere, and Lancelot-An Open Letter
forced ? 109.

to Miss Julia Magruder, 018.

ROBINSON, Dr. Louis. An Ancient
National Theatre, Financing the, 198. Reading of Finger-Prints, 727.
NEWCOWB, SIMON. Our Antiquated RODIN, AUGUSTE. The Gothic in the

Method of Electing a Prosident, 9. Cathedrals and Churches of France,
New England: an Autumn Impression, 219.
481, 641, 801.

Roman Catholic Church-Remarriage
NEWLANDS, Senator FRANCIS G. Com. after Divorce, 613; Impediments to

mon Sense of the Rallroad Ques Marriage in the Catholic Church,
tlon, 576; The San Domingo Queg. 764.
tion, 885.



Roosevelt, Theodore,

Gracchus, 827.
OKUMA, Count. Japanese Problems, Russia-Representative Government

for Russla, 19; The Armenian
Open Shop-The Issue of the Open and Church in its Relation to the Rug-
Closed Shop, 28; An Open ver8u8 a slan Government, 88; Rugso-Japan-
Closed Shop, 912.

ese War: Its Lessons for Great
Our Antiquated Method of Electing a Britain and the United States, 243;
President, 9.

The Czar's Soliloquy, 321 ;The

International Aspect of our Tarik
Panama Canal-The Panama Canal Situation, 881 ; The Coming Crash

from & Contractor's Standpoint, in Russia, 523; Germany's Alm in
74; Some Objections to & Sea-Level Foreign Politics, 657; The Call of
Project, 440; Suez and Panama, Lord Kitchener, 602; Probable
817 ; The San Domingo Question, Japanese Terms of Peace, 681 ; Con.

trol of Emigration in Europe, 856 ;
PARIS AUTHORITY, A. The Trafic in World-Politics, 147, 300, 458, 620,
Spurious Pictures, 903.

780, 933.
Passive Resistance in England and Russo-Japanese War: Its Lessons for
Wales, 430.

Great Britain and the United
Peace, Probable Japanese Terms of, 681. States, 248.
Panama, 817.

San Domingo Question, The, 885.
Philippines -The Public School Sys- Scandinavia-Control of Emigration in

tem in the Philippines, 546; Eco Europe, 856.
nomic Questions Affecting the VI-SCHIERBRAND, WOLF VON. The Cen-
sayan Islands, 688.

tenary of Schiller's Death, 566.
Pictures, Traffic in Spurious, 903. Schiller-The Centenary of Schiller's
Polar Campaign, Some Results of the Death, 566.
South, 210.

Science and Immortality, 842.
Political Economist and the Public, Senate, United States—The Treaty-
The, 249.

Making Power, 335.
POLLOCK, Lleut.-Col. A. W. A. The Shall the Fourteenth Amendment be

Ru880-Japanese War; Its Lessons Enforced? 109.

Shipping—The Merchant Marine In- the Fourteenth Amendment be vestigation, 360.

Enforced ? 109; Publicity of ElecShould College Students Study? 230. tion Expenditures, 166; The Spanish Sollloquy, The Czar's, 321.

Treaty Clalms, 186; Financing the Some Results of the South Polar Cam- National Theatre, 198; Rallway paign, 210.

Rates, 235 ; Russo-Japanese War: South Africa, A White, 880.

Its Lessons for Great Britain and South-American Republics The New the Unlted States, 243; Theodore

Monroe Doctrine, 586; The San Do- Roosevelt and Tiberius Gracchus, mingo Question, 885.

327; The Treaty-Maklng Power, South Polar Campaign, Some Results 335; The Merchant Marine Inof the, 210.

vestigation, 360: The International Spain-The International Aspect of Aspect of our_Tarif Situation, 381 ; our Tarik Situation, 381.

Government Rate-Making Unneces. Spanish Treaty Claims, The, 186.

sary and Dangerous, 410; Panama Spurious Pictures, The Traffic in, 903. Canal-Some Objections to a Sea. Stendhal: A Study, 829.

Level Project, 440; Now England: Stock Market-How the Stock-Market An Autumn Impression, 481, 841 Reflects Values, 347.

801 ; The American Law of imSTONE,. Lleut.-Col. F. G. A White peachment, 602; The Public School South Africa, 880.

System in the Philippines, 546; STONE, N. 1. The International As- Common Sense of the Railroad

pect of our Tarik Situation, 381. Question, 576; The New Monroe Students Should College Students Doctrine, 586; Italy's Attitude Study? 230.

toward her Emigrants, 720; Suez Suez and Panama, 817.

and Panama, 817; Control of Eml. Switzerland-The International Aspect gration in Europe, 856;

The San Doof our Foreign Situation, 381 ; Con- mingo Question, 885: The Traffic in trol of Emigration in Europe, 856. Spurlous Pictures, 903; An_Open

versus a Closed Shop, 912; World. Tarif-Tarif Reform, 64; The Inter- Politics, 155, 815, 475, 635, 795,

national Aspect of our Tarif Situa- 947. tion, 381. TAYLOR, HANNIS. Representative Gov. Venezuela—The New Monroe Doctrine,

ernment for Russia, 19; The Amer. 592.

ican Law of Impeachment, 502. Visayan Islands, Economic Questions Technic, An Apology for, 868.

Affecting the, 688. Tercentenary of Don Quixote," The, 670.

What Is Life? 661. THAYER, WILLIAM ROSCOE. Blogra- | WHELPLEY, J. D. Control of Emigra. phy, 261.

tion in Europe, 856. Theatre, Financing the National, 198. WHITE, ARNOLD. Germany's Alm 10 THWING, CHARLES F. Should College Foreign Politics, 557. Students Study? 230.

WHITE, HENRY. The Issue of the TOSTI, Dr. GUSTAVO. Italy's Attitude Open and Closed Shop. 28. toward her Emigrants, 720.

White South Africa, A, 880. Traffic in Spurious Pictures, The, WILLCOX, DAVID. Government Rate903.

Making Unnecessary and Dangerous, Treaty-Making Power, The, 335.

410. TWAIN,

MARK. Concerning Copy. | WILSON, SAMUEL GRAHAM. The Arright, 1; The Czar's Sollloquy, 321. menian Church in Its Relation to

the Russian Government, 88. United States-Concerning Copyright, World-Politics-London, 134, 294,

1; Our Antiquated Method of Elect- 453, 614, 774, 927; Berlin, 141, 466, ing a President, 9; The Issue of 788; St. Petersburg, 147, 300, 458, the Open and Closed Shop, 28; The 620, 780, 933 ; Washington, 155, 315, Proper Grade of Diplomatic Repre- 475, 635, 795, 947 ; Paris, 310, 627 ; sentation, 58-A Reply, 758-A Rome, 941. Rejoinder, 897 : Tariér Reform, 64; The Panama Canal from ZIMMERN, HELEN. D'Annunzlo's “ La Contractor's Standpoint, 74; Shall Figlia di Jorio," 41.


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