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in the said statutes in every particular; and to that end the said primary election laws be made to apply fully and in all respects to the nomination of candidates for municipal officers as set forth herein, and said primary election law is not to be repealed in any sense unless there is a conflict between same and any of the provisions of this Act. Said general primary election law is to be in full force and effect.

When Resident Members of Parish Committee May Act.

2929. [Sec. 8.] In case there is no municipal Executive Committee of any political organization, the primary election herein providing for the nomination of municipal officers shall be called and held under the supervision of those members of the parish Executive Committee who reside within the municipality where the election is held, and the said members of the parish Executive Committee are fully authorized to call such election and select the commissioners and adopt all the rules and regulations governing same not inconsistent with the primary election laws of the State; and they shall also provide for the election and organization of a municipal Executive Committee at the same time as the election is held for the municipal officers.


When State Committee Shall Meet to Call Election and Prescribe Rules.

2930. [Sec. 1, Act 115, 1904, p. 275.] It shall be unlawful for the State Committee of any political party to meet for the purpose of ordering and prescribing the mode of nominating candidates for State officers sooner than one hundred and twenty days before the election at which said candidates are to be voted for.

Meeting of Local Committees.

2931. [Sec. 2.] It shall be unlawful for any district, municipal or parochial committee to meet for the purpose of ordering or prescribing the mode of nominations of candidates for district, municipal or parochial officers until after the meeting of the State committee as provided in Section 1 of this act.

Meeting of Judicial District Committee.

2932. [Sec. 3.] It shall be unlawful for any judicial district committee to meet for the purpose of ordering or providing

the mode of nomination of candidates for the offices of District Judge and District Attorney sooner than one hundred and twenty days prior to the election at which said candidates are to be voted for.

When State Officers Shall Be Nominated.

2933. [Sec. 4.] The State committee shall order the nominations for State officers to be made not more than ninety days prior to the election at which said State officers are to be voted for.

When Local Nominations Shall Be Made.

2934. [Sec. 5.] District, municipal and parochial committees shall order nominations for district officers, municipal officers and parochial officers to be made not more than sixty days prior to the election at which said officers shall be voted for.

When District Judge and District Attorney Shall Be Nominated.

2935. [Sec. 6.] Judicial district committees shall order the nominations for District Judge and District Attorney to be made not more than seventy days prior to the election at which said candidates shall be voted for.

Duty of Secretary of State.

2936. [Sec. 7.] It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to reject all nomination papers which do not show that all requisites of this act have been complied with. And no nominations made prior to the time prescribed herein or where the committee met and ordered said nominations prior to the time specified herein shall be recognized by the Secretary of State or the names placed on the official ballot.


Who May Not Sign Nomination Papers.

2937. [Sec. 1, Act 96, 1908, p. 138.] The Registrar of Voters for each and every parish in this State is hereby prohibited from certifying to the signatures on any nomination papers or certificates of any voter who has registered his party affiliation as provided for by the laws of this State and any signature of any voter who has registered as affiliating with any political party shall not be computed and counted in making up the number requisite under the laws of this State for a candi

date to be placed on the official ballot under nominating papers or certificates.

2938. [Sec. 2.] Any person desiring to become a candidate for any office by means of nominating papers, as provided for under the general election laws of this State shall file with the Secretary of State the said nominating papers as required by law, and in conformity with the provisions of law, on or before the date on which the first primary election is held to nominate candidates, for the ensuing election, by any political party in this State.

State ex rel. Tebault vs. Secty. State, 122 La. 188.


Ballots to Be at Public Expense.

2939. [Sec. 1, Act 152, 1898, p. 266.] All ballots cast in all elections except as hereinafter provided, and for delegates to any constitutional convention, or upon amendments proposed to the Constitution, shall be printed and distributed at public expense as hereinafter provided. The printing of the ballots, tally sheets and cards of instruction to voters and their distribution, shall be paid for by the State.

Provided, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to municipal elections in towns having a population of less than 2,500 inhabitants or to any election for purposes other than the election of public officers, except elections upon propositions to amend the Constitution.

Provided, further, That in elections not hereinabove provided for the ballots and other election supplies, etc., shall be furnished by the Board of Supervisors of Election, at the expense of the parish within which the election is to be held.

Election Day.

2940. [Sec. 2.] The general election for State and parish officers shall be held once every four years, on the first Tuesday next following the third Monday of April.

Time and Place of Elections.

2941. [Sec. 3.] All officers, the time and place of whose election is not otherwise provided for by law, shall be elected at the time and places provided by law for the election of Senators and Representatives.

It shall be the duty of the Governor, at least thirty days before every general election to issue his proclamation giving notice thereof which shall be published in the official journal.

The Board of Supervisors of election of each parish shall give fifteen days' notice of every general election by advertisement in the official journal of their parish, if there be one, and by posting at four public places in the parish if there be no official journal in said parish. But no default by the Governor or parish board of supervisors of election to issue said proclamation shall deprive the people of their rights to hold an election as fixed by law, or vitiate said election when held.

Vacancies in General Assembly.

2942. [Sec. 4.] When the seat of any Senator or Representative becomes vacant and there shall be a session of the General Assembly before the next general election, it shall be the duty of the Governor within five days after being officially notified of such vacancy, to issue his writ of election, directed to the proper supervisors of election, whose duty it shall be witnin three days after its receipt, to give public notice that an election will be held to fill such vacancy on a date to be named by them, which shall not be less than eight nor more than fifteen days after the publication of such notice, such election shall be conducted and the returns thereof made in the manner required by law for general elections.

Presidential Electors.

2943. [Sec. 5.] In every year in which elections are to be held for electors of President and Vice President, said elections shall be held on the first Tuesday next following the first Monday in November, 1900, and every four years thereafter and are to be conducted and the returns made in the same manner as herein provided for general elections. The Secretary of State, or in case of a vacancy in that office, the State Auditor shall ascertain from the returns the persons who received the greatest number of votes actually cast; and the Governor shall issue a certificate of election to the said person and they shall be authorized to cast the vote of the State for the President and Vice-President.

Representatives in Congress.

All general elections for Representatives in Congress shall be held on the first Tuesday next following the first Monday in

November, 1898, and every two years thereafter, and shall be conducted in the same manner as elections for Representatives in the General Assembly.

Congressional Vacancy.

2944. [Sec. 6.] In case of vacancy in said office of Representatives in Congress, between the general election, it shall be the duty of the Governor by proclamation, to cause an election to be held according to law, to fill such vacancy. Elections shall be held in the precincts and at the polling places hereinafter defined, and herein below directed to be established.

Majority Elects.

2945. [Sec. 7.] In all elections by the people, the person or persons having the highest number of votes, shall be deemed and declared to be elected; but no person receiving the same number of votes shall be deemed to be elected if thereby, a greater number would be elected than required by law. The election for such officers thus not elected shall be returned to the people, public notice of ten days, to be first given in same manner as for a general election.

How far Sec. 7 applicable to elections under town charter, Welch vs. Gossens, 51 A. 852.

Between What Hours Polls Open.

2946. [Sec. 8.] All elections shall be completed in one day, and the polls shall be kept open at each polling place from the hour of six o'clock in the forenoon until seven o'clock in the afternoon.

Election Day a Legal Holiday.

2947. [Sec. 9.] The days upon which a general or local election shall hereafter be held under this Act, shall, for all purposes whatever, be legal holidays in the localities where the elections are held.

Preservation of Order.

2948. [Sec. 10.] It shall be the duty of the chief executive officer of the police force of each city or town, to detail a sufficient number of police officers who shall be stationed at each polling place on the day of the election, to preserve order and to protect each and all of said election officers from any interference with, or obstructions in the performance of their respective duties, and to aid in enforcing the provisions of law relating to

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