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Falsely Making or Defacing, etc., Nomination Paper.

3002. [Sec. 63.] Any person who shall falsely make or wilfully deface, or destroy, add to, or otherwise alter, or tamper with any certificate of nomination or nomination paper, or any part thereof, or any letter of withdrawal, or sign any such certificate or paper contrary to the provisions of this act or file any certificate of nomination or nomination paper or letter of withdrawal, knowing the same or any part thereof to be falsely made, or suppress any certificate or nomination paper, or any part thereof which has been duly filed, shall be punished in accordance with Section 44 of this act. (Amd. Act 132, 1900, p. 202.)

Party Caucus, etc.

3003. [Sec. 64.] No meeting except such as is called and held on behalf of a political party or other nominating body, which polled at least ten per centum of the entire vote cast in the State at the general election, or at the United States Presidential election next preceding the holding of such meeting shall constitute a caucus, or shall be authorized to make a nomination or to choose delegates to a nominating convention unless qualified voters of the electoral district or division for which it is called, participate therein to the number of twenty-five (25). A nomination for a representative district, if such district or division contains more than one ward of a City, shall not be made by caucus, but every nomination shall be made either by a convention of delegates, or by a nomination paper, as provided in this act. Any convention of delegates representing a political party or other nominating body which has polled at least ten per centum of the entire vote cast in the State for Governor, or for electors of President of the United States at the election next preceding may make a nomination for any electoral district. (Amd. Act 48, 1914, p. 121.)


Official Ballot; Voting Straight Ticket.

3004. [Sec. 65.] All elections by the people, except primary elections and municipal elections in towns having a population of less than twenty-five hundred, when such elections are not held at the same time as general State elections, shall be by official ballot, printed and distributed at the expense of the State; and, such ballots shall have printed thereon, and at the head and

immediately preceding the list of names of the candidates of each political party or nominating paper, a specific and separate device by which the political party and candidates of such political party or nominating paper may be indicated. By stamping such device at the head of the list of candidates of each political party, or nominating paper, the voter may indicate that his vote is for the entire or straight ticket of the particular party or nominating paper employing the particular device allotted to such political party or nominating paper. When the voter does not desire to vote an entire straight party ticket, he may vote for candidates of any political party or nominating paper, by stamping a blank space to the left opposite the name of each candidate on said official ballot.

The State Central Committee of each of the political parties in this State shall select a party device and certify the same to the Secretary of the State, provided that, if any two of the State Central Committees representing different parties should select the same device, the one first selecting and certifying the same to the Secretary of State shall be entitled to the said device, which fact the Secretary of State shall make known to the party last selecting the device in order that such party may have an opportunity of making another selection. The said device so selected shall be certified to by the Secretary of State prior to and not later than the last day for filing nominations by political parties or nominating bodies.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments, How Printed on Ballot.

Whenever the approval of a constitutional amendment or other question be submitted to the vote of the people, such question shall be printed upon the ballot after the list of candidates under each party device. The ballots shall be so printed as to give to each a clear opportunity to designate by mark in a sufficient margin at the right of the name of each candidate, his choice of candidates and his answer to questions submitted.

Provided, that should any clerical or typographical errors occur in the printing of the official ballot or tally sheets, no candidate or measure shall be prejudiced thereby, but it shall be the duty of the Returning Officers upon such error being called to their attention to obtain from the Secretary of State a certified copy of the certificate of nomination or nominating paper, if such error should occur in the name of the candidate being voted for, or certified copy of the measure voted for, and shall there

upon cause such error to be corrected and the returns to be promulgated as if no such error had occurred.

Form of Ballot.

3005. [Sec. 66.] The ballots furnished by the Secretary of State shall be of plain white paper, in weight not less than the best quality No. 2 book paper, and of such length and width as may be necessary, provided that all ballots furnished for use in any one precinct shall be of the same length. Before distribution, the ballots shall be so folded in marked creases that their width and length will be of convenient size for insertion into the ballot box. On the back and outside, when folded, shall be printed in great primer Roman condensed capitals "Official Ballots," followed by the designations of the polling places and election for which the ballot is prepared, the date of the election, and a fac-simile of the signature of the Secretary of State.

The following directions shall be conspicuously printed on the face of the ballot and around the device: "To vote for a straight party ticket stamp here."

To the right of the name of each candidate and on the same horizontal line as the name of the candidate, shall be a square hereinafter called a voting space. Voting space on any ballot provided for any one polling place shall be of uniform size and shall be arranged in a vertical column. Voting spaces opposite the names of all candidates for the same office shall be printed as a continuous column. Voting spaces shall be printed solidly in white, one-quarter of an inch square, enclosed in black lines. If in case of any office, no nominations of candidates to fill the same have been made, the title of such office shall be printed upon the ballot, and as many blank spaces shall be left below such title as there are persons to be elected to the office, and at the right of each such space shall be a voting space.

Size of and Print on Ballot.

3006. [Sec. 67.] All of the official ballots prepared for the same polling place shall be of precisely the same size, arrangement, quality and tint of paper and kind of type, and shall be printed with black ink of the same tint, so that it shall be impossible to distinguish any one ballot from the other. If at a general election in any Congressional district one representative of Congress is to be elected for a full term and another to fill a vacancy, the ballots containing the names of the candidates shall

as a part of the title of the office designate the term or vacancy for, or to fill which the candidates are severally nominated.

Folding Ballot.

3007. [Sec. 68.] All ballots when printed shall be folded as herein before provided, and fastened together with convenient numbers in packages, books or blocks, in such manner that each ballot may be detached and removed separately.

"Instructions to Voters."

3008. [Sec. 69.] The Secretary of State shall prepare full instruction for the guidance of voters, as to obtaining ballots, manner of making them, the method of obtaining assistance, and obtaining new ballots in place of those accidentally spoiled, and shall cause the same, together with copies of Sections 34, 35, 36 and 44 of this act, to be printed in large clear type, on separate cards, to be called "Cards of Instruction," together with at least three sample ballots, to be nailed up in a prominent place outside of each polling booth in the same manner as hereinafter provided for in Section 71 of this act, and he shall furnish the same for use at each election. (Amd. Act 132, 1900, p. 202.)

Election Supplies.


3009. [Sec. 70.] The Secretary of State shall send a sufficient number of ballots, together with a sufficient number of tally sheets and ten of the cards of instruction, to the Board of Supervisors of the several cities or parishes so as to be received by them twenty-four hours, at least, previous to the day of election. The same shall be sent in sealed packages, with marks on the outside clearly designating the polling place for which they are intended and the number of ballots enclosed, and the respective Board of Supervisors, shall on delivery to them of such packages, return receipts therefor to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall keep a record of the time when and the manner in which the several packages are sent and of the number of ballots in each package, and shall preserve the same for the period of one year, together with the receipts of the Board of Supervisors.

Duty of Board of Supervisors as to Election Supplies.

3010. [Sec. 71.] The several Boards of Supervisors shall send to the commissioners of each voting place, before the open

ing of the polls on the day of the election, cards of instruction, tally sheets, blanks, forms and one set of ballots as sealed and marked by the Secretary of State for such voting place; and a receipt of such delivery shall be returned to them from the commissioners present, which receipt shall be kept for the period of one year. At the opening of the polls in each polling place the seal of the package shall be publicly opened and the package shall be opened by the commissioners, and the book or blocks of ballots shall be delivered to the commissioners of election hereinafter provided for. The cards of instructions and sample ballots shall be immediately posted at or in each voting shelf or compartment provided in accordance with this act and not less than three such cards shall be posted in or about the polling room, outside of the guard rail. (Amd. Act 132, 1900, p. 202.)

Purpose of amending this section is not expressed in title.

Duplicate Ballots.

3011. [Sec. 72.] In case the ballots to be furnished to any voting place, in accordance with the provisions of this act, shall fail for any reason to be delivered, or in any case after delivery they shall be destroyed or stolen, it shall be the duty of the Board of Supervisors to cause other ballots and cards of instructions to be prepared substantially in the form and to the number of the ballots wanting and to be furnished; and, upon receipt of such other ballots from them, accompanied by a statement under oath that the same have been so prepared and furnished by them and that the original ballots have failed to be received or have been destroyed or stolen, the Commissioners shall cause the ballots so substituted to be used in lieu of the ballots wanting, as above. The written statement under oath, of the Board of Supervisors shall be made part of the returns, and shall be enclosed in the envelope containing the compiled statement of the National, State and parochial offices to the Secretary of State.


3012. [Sec. 73.] The officers whose duty it is to designate and appoint polling places in cities of more than fifty thousand inhabitants shall cause the same to be provided with voting shelves and compartments, known as polling booths, in which voters may conveniently mark their ballots. There shall be in each polling place, during each election, a sufficient number of voting booths, and not less than one for every one hundred voters in the precinct. Each such booth shall be at least three feet

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