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regulations of both civil and criminal nature and provide punishment for violation thereof, as in its judgment may be necessary for the management, control and protection of such lands as may from time to time be acquired by the United States under the provisions of this Act.

Monies to Go to Conservation Fund.

3193. [Sec. 12.] All moneys minus the cost of prosecution, received as penalties provided for the violations of this Act, shall be paid into the State Treasury and placed to the credit of the Conservation Fund.

How Assessment on Denuded Lands Can Be Reduced.

3194. [Sec. 13.] In order to encourage the practice of forest culture in this State, when the owner or owners of any land which has been denuded of trees or any other land the assessed value of which shall not at the time of application exceed the sum of five dollars per acre, shall contract in writing with the Commissioner of Forestry to supervise planting and growing upon the said land suitable and useful timber trees in such manner as they shall prescribe, to protect the said land from fires, as far as practical, and to maintain the trees so planted or grown upon it in a live and thrifty condition for a period of not less than thirty years and not more than forty years, and to cut or remove from said land within that time no tree or trees except as permitted in the said contract; it shall be lawful for the State Board of Equalizers and the assessors of the several parishes, and they are hereby authorized upon the recommendation of the commissioner of forestry, to fix a valuation of $1.00 per acre upon said lands and timber, and this valuation to remain fixed and unchangeable for the period of the contract entered into by the land owner aforesaid with the commission of forestry. Any land owner who has made such a contract with the State shall be entitled to demand an annual inspection by the Chief Forester and a certificate as to whether the contract has been carried out. At the end of the contract entered into by the land owner with the commission of forestry, or at any time within that period that the owner or owners of said land shall fail to maintain it in all respects according to the written agreement entered into by the owner and upon which the said land was given a fixed assessment for a fixed number of years, the said land shall be restored to the assessment roll and shall be taxed the same as other similar lands, and in addition thereto the said lands shall

be supplemented on the assessment rolls for an amount that would equal the assessment of the land had it not been assessed under the provisions of this Act. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as giving the Forestry Commission jurisdiction over lands of any resident farmer without written contract.

Electric Light Wires Must Not Be Attached to Trees.

3195. [Sec. 14.] It is hereby made unlawful for any electric lighting or power company to attach any wires or other lighting appliances to any tree along any street of any town or city in this State, and in towns and cities where such wires and lighting appliances are already attached to trees, the person, firm or corporation owning the same be and they are hereby required to remove the same within ninety days after the approval of this Act. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty-five nor more than one hundred dollars for each and every offense so committed.

Lands May be Purchased for Forestry Work.

3196. [Sec. 15.] The State Conservation Commission shall have the power to purchase lands in the name of the State suitable for forest culture and reserves, at a price which shall not exceed $1.00 per acre, using for such purpose any surplus money not otherwise appropriated, which may be standing to the credit of the conservation fund; to make rules and regulations governing State reserves.

Forestry Study in Schools.

3197. [Sec. 16.] The State and parish boards of public education are directed to provide for proper courses of instruction by text-books, or lectures, on the general subject of forestry in all the public schools of this State; and they are further directed to provide for the celebration by all public schools of Arbor Day, on which day, trees, flowers, etc., are to be placed, where practicable, on the grounds surrounding all public school houses.


Parents May Reclaim Foundling Only When.

3198. [Sec. 1, Act 173, 1910, p. 257.] The foundlings, whom persons from charity have received and brought up, can

not be claimed by its father and mother, unless they prove that the child was taken from them by force, fraud or accident.

No other relation can claim a foundling without having first obtained the Tutorship of the foundling and given security in a sum sufficient for the reimbursement of the expenses which it has incurred.

Claim for Child Must be Within Six Months.

3199. [Sec. 2.] The foundling which has been placed in or received by a charitable institution cannot be claimed by its father or mother, or any other relative, unless they prove that the child was taken from them by force or fraud or accident and such proof must be made within six months of the time the foundling was received in the charitable institution.

At the expiration of said six months neither the father nor mother, nor any other relative, shall have any claim or right to the foundling placed in, or received by, a charitable institution. Nor can any other relative claim a foundling from a charitable institution without having first obtained the tutorship of the foundling and given security in a sum sufficient for the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by a charitable institution on account of the foundling.

Child Considered Abandoned When.

3200. [Sec. 3.] Should any child, not a foundling, be left in an asylum for a period of three years, and should the parent or parents of said child or any other relative not have made substantial contribution to its support during that period, then and in that event, unless said parent or parents, or other relatives, show good reason for not having contributed to the support of the said child, said child shall be considered abandoned, and neither the father nor the mother, nor any other relative, shall have any further claim or right to said child, and all parental right or authority over the said child shall cease, except as herein otherwise provided.

Notice to be Given Parents When Child Removed From Institution.

3201. [Sec. 4.] No abandoned child shall be removed from a charitable institution and delivered by the officers thereof into the care and custody of anyone, without first having given ten days' prior notice in writing to the parent or parents of such child, if the whereabouts of such parent be known to the officers

of said institution. And should such parent or parents fail to claim said child, and remove said child from said institution within said period of ten days under like terms and conditions as those hereinabove provided for the removal of foundlings from any public institution by relatives, then in that event, said parent or parents shall be considered to have abandoned all claim to said child, unless they can prove within this period that their failure to support said child has been for good reasons.

Parents May Give Child to Institution.

3202. [Sec. 5.] Any child may, with the consent of a charitable institution, be given to such institution by both parents, or by a surviving parent in the event of the death of the other, or by one parent in the event of the abandonment of the child, by the other for a period of more than twelve months, such action to be evidenced by a written document signed, or acknowledged, before a Notary Public and two witnesses, and such child shall be deemed an abandoned child, and all parental right or authority over such child shall cease.


Acts May Be Executed in French.

3203. [R. S. 1522.] Any act containing the obligations of giving or performing anything or paying any sum of money, any contract of any nature or kind whatsoever, which may be made or executed in the French language, shall be as legal and binding upon the parties as if the same had been made or executed in the English language.


Diseased Fruit Trees or Vines Not to be Brought Into State. 3204. [Sec. 1, Act 129, 1894, p. 164.] It shall be unlawful for any person to bring into this State any fruit trees or vines, shrubs, scions, cuttings, buds, grafts, fruit pits, or any kind of fruit growth affected with any infectious disease or insects injurious to the growth of fruit, or propagate the same, or offer the same for sale, or in any way distribute or attempt to distribute the same in this State.

Trees, etc., Brought Into State Must be Labeled.

3205. [Sec. 2.] All fruit trees, vines or shurbs, scions, cuttings, buds, grafts, or fruit pits or any tree growth of any kind brought into this State, or offered for sale, or distribution in this State, shall be properly labeled with the name of the owner, agent, shipper, or grower, and the locality where grown and shall be subject to the inspection of the Entomologist of the State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Duty of Entomologist.

3206. [Sec. 3.] It shall be the duty of the Entomologist of the State Agricultural Experiment Station at the request of the director of such station to visit any section of the State when such visit can be made without expense to the State, where there are diseased fruit trees or any tree growth infected with disease or insects injurious to tree growth, to examine and report on such diseased fruit growth or infected tree growth, and if such examination proves the infected trees perniciously infected, it shall be the duty of the owner, agent, or possessor of such diseased fruit trees, or infected tree growth to at once disinfect or destroy the same.


3207. [Sec. 4.] Any wilful neglect or violation of the provisions of this act shall subject the offender to a fine of not less than five dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars, or imprisonment in the parish or city jail of not less than one day, nor more than three months, or both at the discretion of the court, and the provisions of this act shall be enforced by district attorney in any court of competent jurisdiction on the complaint of any party in interest; and all moneys derived from the enforcement of the provisions of this Act shall, after the payment of all fees allowed by law, be paid over to the State Agricultural Experiment Station, to carry out the inspection provided for by this act.



Wild Game Property of State.

3208. [Sec. 1, Act 204, 1912, p. 402.] The ownership and title to all fish, birds, and wild quadrupeds found in the State of

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