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(5) sets of hooks, or a hand-line having not more than five (5) sets of hooks, or a trolling line with spoon hook or other artificial bait attached thereto. Any bass shorter than eight (8) inches must not be had in possession. All bass under that size may be caught in this manner must be immediately returned to the water, and all bass, crappy, perch and sunfish caught in seines or hoopnets must be immediately returned to the water uninjured.

Shipping Packages of Fish Must Be Marked.

3305. [Sec. 41.] It shall be unlawful to ship, carry, transport, or offer for shipment, within or without the State, any package or barrel containing dead fish, unless said package or barrel is plainly and clearly marked with the name of the consignor and consignee, with an itemized statement of the number of pounds of the fish, and the names of the species contained therein. Any package or barrel otherwise shipped, carried or offered for shipment, together with the contents thereof, may be confiscated by any Conservation Agent or duly authorized officer. Regulations by Commission.

3306. [Sec. 42.] Rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act relating to the use of seines, hoopnets, trot lines, bush lines, trowlines, or setlines, in the waters of the State may be adopted and promulgated by the Conservation Commission.

Unlicensed Seines and Nets May Be Destroyed.

3307. [Sec. 43.] All unlicensed seines set or used in or upon any of the waters or shores thereof, or islands of the State, are hereby declared to be public nuisances, and may be seized by any Conservation Agent.

Jack Lights, Fykes or Trammel Nets.

3308. [Sec. 44.] It shall be unlawful for any person to have in possession any jack or head or other light, fyke-net, gillnet, or trammel-net. Possession of said article shall be prima facie evidence that the same is kept for unlawful use and they may be seized by any officer authorized to enforce the fish laws.

Permanent Nets.

3309. [Sec. 45.] It shall be unlawful for any person to place, build, erect, fasten to stakes, floats or buoys, or use any

gill-nets, trammel-nets, fyke-nets, or any permanently set means for taking fish in the waters of the State. (Amd. Act 47, 1914, p. 118.)

Possession of Prohibited Implement Prima Facie Evidence.

3310. [Sec. 46.] In all cases of arrest for violation of the provisions of this Act, the possession of the fish or nets, or seines, or lines, or the possession or operation of any other device herein prohibited, shall be prima facie evidence of the violation of this Act.

Permit for Scientific Purposes.

3311. [Sec. 47.] The Conservation Commission may take fish of any kind, when, where, and in such manner as may be necessary, for the purpose of science and of cultivation and distribution, and they may grant written permits to other persons for the same purposes, and may introduce or permit to be introduced any kind of fish into any waters. They may, after a hearing, set apart, for a term not exceeding ten (10) years, any waters in the State for the purpose of propagation, or for the use of the United States Bureau of Fisheries. The order setting apart such waters shall be recorded in the Registry of Deeds of the parish in which they are situated. They may erect and maintain such fixtures as are necessary for the purpose of propagation and maintenance.

Trespass on Fish Preserves.

3312. [Sec. 48.] It shall be unlawful for any person to wilfully enter in or upon any building or other structure or any area of land or water, set apart and used by or under the authority of the Conservation Commission for conducting scientific experiments or investigations, or for the culture, dissemination and distribution of fish, birds or game, after said Commission has printed notices of such occupation and use and the purpose thereof, to be placed in a conspicuous position adjacent to any such areas of land or water, or upon any such building or other structure, or to wilfully and maliciously injure or deface any such building, or other structure or any notice posted as aforesaid, or injure or destroy any property used in such experiments or investigations, or to otherwise interfere therewith.

Fish Eggs May Be Purchased by Commission.

3313. [Sec. 49.] The Conservation Commission may purchase from persons, firms or corporations, fish roe or fish eggs,

giving in exchange or in consideration therefor, a percentage of the young fish hatched or produced at any of the fish hatcheries of the State from the eggs so purchased; and the placing of such young fish in waters on the land of such persons, firms or corporations shall not be deemed a stocking of such waters with fish by the State.

Permission to Liberate Fish in State Necessary.

3314. [Sec. 50.] No spawn or fish of any species from without the State shall be liberated within the State, except upon written permission of the Conservation Commission.

Commission May Stock Streams and Regulate Fishing.

3315. [Sec. 51.] The Conservation Commission, upon the petition of the Police Jury of a parish, may stock the waters of any stream, bayou, lagoon, lake or river, with such fish as they judge to be best suited to such waters. The Commission may thereupon prescribe for a period not exceeding three years, such reasonable regulations relative to the fishing in such streams and tributaries as they deem to be for the public interest, and shall cause such regulations to be enforced.

Commission May Prohibit Fishing.

3316. [Sec. 52.] Whenever they deem it for the best interest of the State, the Conservation Commission may entirely prohibit the taking of any kinds of fresh water fish, in any part of the State, for a series of years not exceeding three. They may adopt, and from time to time modify or repeal such needful rules and regulations not contrary to the laws of the State, as they may deem necessary or proper for the protection and preservation of the fish of the State, in conformtiy with the provisions of this Act.

Streams Not to Be Obstructed.

3317. [Sec. 53.] It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct, by means of any sack, screen, wire or otherwise, any bayou, lagoon, lake, bay, river, or other body of water, to prevent the passage of fish protected by law.

Propagated Fish Exempt.

3318. [Sec. 54.] All fish propagated and maintained in confinement shall be the property of the person so propagating and maintaining them, provided that they shall not be sold during the closed season for similar fish.

Unlawful to Puddle Waters.

3319. [Sec. 55.] It shall be unlawful for any person to muddy or "puddle" any waters for the purpose of taking fish thereby.

Pipes for Irrigation Must Be Screened.

3320. [Sec. 56.] All "intake pipes" used for the purpose of taking up water for irrigating lands shall be provided with a "screen" to keep fish from being taken into said intake pipes and subsequently pumped out on the land. Said "screen" shall be made of four by four (4x4), and shall not be less than ten (10) feet square; the outer side of same to be covered with wire screening of not more than one-quarter inch mesh; provided, that this shall not apply to intake pipes in the Mississippi River.


3321. [Sec. 57.] In order to prevent the killing of fish, it shall be unlawful for any person to throw or place dynamite, lyddite, gunpowder, cartridge, cannon crackers, or any other explosive, or to throw or place acids, or lime which has not been used in manufacturing or commercial processes, india berries, sawdust, green walnuts, walnut leaves, or any other deleterious substance into, or on, or where it will run into, the waters of the bayous, lagoons, ponds, lakes, bays, rivers, sound, or in the Gulf of Mexico within the territory of jurisdiction of this State.


3322. [Sec. 58.] [Sec. 58.] Any person violating the provisions of the foregoing section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall on conviction thereof pay the costs of the prosecution and be imprisoned in the parish jail for not less than five (5) days and more than twelve (12) months, at the discretion of the court, and subject to work on the public roads as provided by law, and in the event of the costs not being paid, an additional day for each day of the jail sentence shall be decreed by the court.


What Fish May Not Be Dried.

3323. [Sec. 1, Act 183, 1912, p. 328.] It shall be and is hereby declared unlawful for any person engaged in commercial fishing to dry fish measuring less than eight inches in length for commercial purposes. (Amd. Act 53, 1914, p. 125.)

What Fish May Not Be Sold.

3324. [Sec. 2.] It shall be unlawful for any person to take or to have in his possession for sale at any time any salt water fish under the length of eight inches other than bream, croakers or sea perch.

License Gives Protection.

3325. [Sec. 3.] No person engaged in the fishing of salt water fish for commercial purposes shall be molested or interfered with either on the water or at the docks of this State, so long as they respect the prohibitions herein contained, and possess the license herein provided.


3326. [Sec. 4.] Whoever shall violate any of the provisions of this act shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by fine or imprisonment or both at the discretion of the court.

License Tax.

3327. [Sec. 5.] No license shall be charged for seining for salt water fish with seines of less than forty fathoms length, and for the operation of seines of greater length, a license of Ten & 00/100 ($10.00) Dollars shall be paid for seines of forty fathoms or over and less than two hundred fathoms; for seines from two hundred fathoms to three hundred fathoms in length shall pay a license of Fifteen & 00/100 ($15.00) Dollars; all seines over three hundred fathoms shall pay a license of Fifteen & 00/100 ($15.00) Dollars and in addition thereto Two & 00/100 ($2.00) Dollars for each additional twenty fathoms or fraction thereof. (Amd. Act 53, 1914, p. 125.)


3328. [Act 43, 1914, p. 107.] The United States Secretary of Commerce, the United States Commissioner of Fisheries and his duly authorized agents, are hereby authorized and empowered to conduct fish hatching and all operations connected therewith in Louisiana in connection with a Federal Fish Hatchery to be located in said State as authorized by the Congress of the United States, in any manner and at any time that may by them be considered necessary and proper, after consultation with the Conservaton Commission of Louisiana,

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