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in the Senate, and contingent expenses in the House, who shall receive their regular per diem for each and every day that they may be detained at the capitol after the session of the General Assembly has closed, in attendance upon the duties of their respective offices, not exceeding ten days.

Mileage at Extra Session.

3373. [Sec. 17.] In all cases of extra or called sessions, occurring within three days of the adjournment of the regular session, members of the General Assembly shall not be entitled to any travelling expenses.

Secretary of Senate and Clerk of House Hold Over.

3374. [Sec. 1, Act 52, 1870, E. S., p. 111.] For the purpose of facilitating the organization of their respective bodies, the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, shall hold over and continue in office from one term of the General Assembly to another, and until their successors are duly qualified.

3375. [Sec. 2.] In case of the absence of either of the above named officers, the provisions of the first section of this Act shall apply to the Assistant Secretary of the Senate and the Assistant Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Sergeant-at-Arms Issues No Stationery to Members.

3376. [Sec. 1, Act 93, 1876, p. 148.] It shall not be lawful for the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate or House of Representatives to issue stationery to the members thereof.

Requisitions for Stationery.

3377. [Sec. 3.] The Secretary of the Senate, the Clerk of the House of Representatives, and the chairman of the respective committees of both houses, are hereby authorized to make requisitions upon the Sergeant-at-Arms of their respective houses for such stationery as they may require, which requisitions, after approval by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives respectively, shall be complied with by the said Sergeant-at-Arms.

Statement of Stationery Used.

3378. [Sec. 4.] The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate and House of Representatives are hereby required, on or before the last day of each session, to present to their respective houses a

full statement of all stationery issued, in accordance with the provisions of section three of this Act.

Each Member of General Assembly Names Beneficiary Student to Tulane.

3379. [Sec. 6, Act 43, 1884, p. 53. As an additional consideration between the parties to this Act, the said Board of Administrators of the Tulane Education Fund agrees to give continuously, in the academic department, free tuition to one student from each Senatorial and from each Representative District or Parish, to be nominated by its member in the General Assembly from among the bona fide citizens and residents of his district or parish, who shall comply with the requirements for admission established by said Board. The meaning of this provision being that each member of the General Assembly, whether Senator or Representative, shall have the right of appointing one student, in accordance with the foregoing provisions. The free tuition herein provided for shall continue until each student has graduated from the academic department, unless his scholarship has ceased from other causes. Whenever a scholarship becomes vacant, from any cause, the Senator or Representative who appointed the previous student, or his successor, shall, in the manner prescribed by this section, immediately name a



What Reports Must Accompany Message.

3380. [R. S. 1557.] The Governor of the State shall hereafter be required to furnish the General Assembly, accompanying his annual message, the following reports, viz.: Report of the Secretary of State, report of the Auditor of Public Accounts, report of the State Treasurer, report of the State Engineer, report of the Superintendent of Public Education, report of the State Register of the Land Office, report of the State Librarian, report of the Swamp Land Commissioners, report of the Wardens of the Louisiana Penitentiary, report of the Adjutant and Inspector General of the Louisiana Militia, report of the Attorney General, report of the Directors of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum, report of the Directors of the Insane Asylum, rǝ

port of the Directors of the Charity Hospital, report of the Directors of the Board of Health.


3381. [R. S. 1562.] In all cases when the law shall direct any appointment to be made by the Governor and Senate, within a limited time, a nomination for such appointment shall be laid before the Senate at least six days before the expiration of said time.

May Grant Leaves of Absence.

3382. [Sec. 1, Act 79, 1871, p. 191.] The Governor of the State of Louisiana is hereby authorized to grant leave of ab. sence to State and parish officers, not to exceed ninety days at any one time, at his discretion.

May Appoint a "Secretary to the Governor," with What Powers, and Two Stenographers.

3383. [Act 40, 1910, p. 63.] The Governor is hereby authorized to appoint a secretary, who shall be designated as "Secretary to the Governor," and to employ two stenographers and one messenger. The authority to administer oaths and to certify to documents of public record of the Executive Department is hereby conferred on the Secretary to the Governor, and he is also authorized to affix to such documents and oaths a seal, which shall be known as the seal of the Executive Department; said seal shall bear on it the words: "Executive Department State of Louisiana" around the emblem of the pelican feeding her young, an exact duplicate of that emblem which is used on the great seal of the State. No fee shall be charged by the Secretary to the Governor for any service performed under the provisions of this Act.


What Declaration of Homestead Must Contain.

3384. [Act 114, 1880, p. 140.] The person or persons claiming the benefit of the homestead and exemptions provided by law, pursuant to articles 219 and 220 of the Constitution of 1879, must execute a written declaration of homestead. This declaration must contain (1) a statement of the facts that show the person claiming the homestead and exemptions is a person of

the description to be entitled thereto; (2) a statement that the person claiming it is residing on the land or lot claimed as homestead and owns it by a bona fide title, stating the nature of title; (3) a description of the lot or tract of land; (4) an enumeration of the other exemptions; (5) an estimate of the cash value of the homestead and exemptions, a statement of intention to claim such homestead and exemptions. The declaration must be sworn to and recorded in the book of mortgages for the parish where the homestead claimed is situated.

Under Con. 244-247 recordation of homestead is necessary only in the Parish of Orleans.


Reports by Masters of Vessel.

3385. [Sec. 4, Act 154, 1874, p. 272.] Within twenty-four hours after the landing of any passenger or passengers from any ship or vessel arriving at the port of New Orleans from any of the United States, other than this State, or from any country out of the United States, the master or commander of the ship or vessel from which such passenger or passengers shall have been landed, shall make a report in writing on oath or affirmation to the chief of the Bureau of Immigration, at his office in the City of New Orleans, which report shall state the name, place of birth, last legal residence, age and occupation of every person or passenger who shall have landed from such ship or vessel, on her last voyage to said port, not being a citizen of the United States, and shall have within the last twelve months arrived from any country out of the United States, at any place within the United States, and who shall not have paid the commutation money, or being bonded according to the provisions of this act; the same report shall contain a like statement of all such persons or passengers aforesaid as shall have been landed or been suffered to land from any such ship or vessel at any place during such last voyage, or who shall have been put on board or suffered to go on board of any other ship or vessel, or boat with the intention of proceeding to and landing at the said city of New Orleans, or elsewhere within the limits of the State. The said report shall further specify whether any of the said passengers so reported are lunatic, idiotic, deaf, dumb, blind, infirm, maimed, or above the age of sixty years; also, designating all such passengers as shall be under the age of thirteen, or widows having families, or

women without husbands having families, with the names and ages of their families, and shall further specify particularly the names, last place of residences, and ages of all passengers who may have died during the said last voyage of such vessel; also the names and residences of the owner or owners of such vessel. In case any such master or commander shall omit or neglect to report as aforesaid any such person or passenger, with the particulars aforesaid, or shall make any false report or statement in respect to any such person or passenger, or in respect to the owner or owners of any such vessel, or in respect to any of the particulars hereinafter specified, such master or commander shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars for every such passenger in regard to whom any such omission or neglect shall have incurred, or any such false report or statement shall be made, for which the owner or owners, consignee or consignees of any such ship or vessel shall also be liable, jointly and severally, and which may be sued for and recovered as hereinafter provided.

Duties of Commissioners and of Health Officer.

3386. [Sec. 5.] It shall be the duty of the Commissioners of Immigration, or the chief of the bureau by an indorsement to be made on said report, to require the owner or consignee of the ship or vessel from which such persons were landed to give a several bond to the people of the State in a penalty of three hundred dollars for any and every person or passenger included in said report, such bond being secured as hereinafter provided and conditioned, to indemnify and save harmless the Commissioner of Immigration, and each and every city, town or parish in this State from any costs which said commissioners or such city, town or parish shall incur for the relief or support of the person named in the bond, within five years from the date of such bond, and also to indemnify or refund to the said commissioners any expense or charge they may necessarily incur for the support or medical care of the persons named therein. Each and every bond shall be secured by two or more sufficient securities being resident of the State of Louisiana, each of whom shall prove by oath or otherwise that he is owner of a freehold in the State of the value of three hundred dollars over and above all and any claim or lien thereon, or against him, including therein any contingent claim which may accrue from or upon any former bond given under the provisions of this act; said bonds having been approved first by the Commissioners of Immigration, who

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