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once every week by an authorized person from the postoffice department, and by him placed in the hands of the United States mail for delivery.

Name of Such Correspondent to Be Kept Posted.

3465. [Sec. 2.] It is hereby made the duty of the superintendent to keep registered and posted in some public place at the Insane Asylum, a true copy of the names of every individual chosen as the inmate's correspondent, and by whom chosen, and it is hereby made the duty of the superintendent to inform each of the individuals of the name of the party choosing him or her, and he is to request him or her to write his or her own name on the outside of the envelope of every letter he or she writes to this individual inmate; and all such letters bearing the writer's name on the outside shall be delivered without opening or reading the same, or allowing the same to be opened or read, unless there is reason for believing the letter contains some foreign substance which might be used for medication, in which case the letter shall be required to be opened in the presence of a competent witness, and this substance shall be delivered to the superintendent to be used at his discretion.


3466. [Sec. 3.] Any person refusing or neglecting to comply with, or willingly or knowingly violating any of the provisions of this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, at the discretion of the court, and shall be ineligible to any office in the asylum afterwards.

Act to Be Posted.

3467. [Sec. 4.] A printed copy of this act shall be framed and kept posted in every ward of every insane asylum, both public and private, in the State of Louisiana.


Manner of Committing to State Asylums.

3468. [Sec. 1, Act 253, 1910, p. 420.]

Whenever it shall

be made known to the judge of the district court by written complaint or information of any respectable citizen that any lunatic or insane person within his jurisdiction ought to be sent to or confined in one of the State hospitals for the insane, it shall

be the duty of the said judge of the district court having jurisdiction of interdictions to issue his warrant ordering such person to be brought before him and thereupon said judge shall cause to be summoned two licensed and reputable physicians, one of whom shall be the coroner of the parish, and the other the physician of the suspected person, if he has any, and neither shall be related by affinity or consanguinity to him or have any interest in his estate. The judge and the two physicians shall constitute a commission to inquire whether such person be insane and a suitable subject for a hospital for the care and treatment of insane persons, and for that purpose the judge shall also cause to be summoned witnesses who know the person suspected of insanity. The physicians shall, in the presence of the judge, by personal examination of such suspected person and by inquiring satisfy themselves and the judge as to the mental condition of the person being examined. If the two physicians do not agree, the judge shall determine the issue. The provisions of this Act shall not interfere with the present method of commitments of insane by the Recorders of City Courts of New Orleans upon affidavits.

Is the provision, "If the two physicians do not agree, the judge shall determine the issue," constitutional?

The provisions of this Act do not apply to non-residents temporaily within this State, State vs. Servier, 136 La. 66 S. 392.

Coroner's Certificate.

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3469. [Sec. 2.] The coroner shall ascertain all of the necessary facts to enable him to answer properly the questions embodied in the following form of certificate, to wit:

State of Louisiana, Parish of......

The coroner certifies as follows in answer to the following interrogations:






Name of patient......If married and a female, maiden Sex ... Where born Present residence ...... How long lived in present place of residence... Place of residence for past two years... If of foreign birth, how long a resident of the United States Port of landing Date of landing ... ... Name of


.. Birthplace of father ..... Of mother

• Present occupation of patient ...... Former occupation

Education, liberal

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Widowed ...... Divorced ...... Number of children had, if a female ... Age of youngest child, if the patient is a female ...... Name and address of guardian ...... Nearest friend or relative ...... Relation of same to patient Nearest telegraph and railroad station or steamboat landing to said friend or relative ...... Value of property of self or husband ...... Of parents, if the patient is a minor ...... Is the patient addicted to the intemperate use of intoxicating liquors, tobacco, morphine, cocaine or other injurious drugs ...... If so, to what extent ...... Is the patient addicted to any injurious, improper or immoral habits ...... If so, to what extent ... State full and in detail any physical symptoms, injury or disease from which the patient is at present suffering ...... Is the patient affected by paralysis ... Dropsy ness ...... Deafness urine or feces

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.. Dumbness

..... Hysteria

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BlindIncontinence of


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... In


Hernia ...... Epilepsy

orders or pregnancy



Uterine or pelvic dis

Is the patient now sick in bed

Does the patient spit blood ...... Does the patient have night sweats .... Is the patient now suffering from acute or chronic alcoholism or delirium tremens ... When did the present attack of insanity begin ... What were the first symptoms Were the symptoms gradual or rapid in onset


State fully the present symptoms of insanity, particularly whether the patient is violent ... ... Destructive ...... Untidy .. Excited ...... Depressed ...... Homicidal .... Suicidal .... If homicide or suicide has been attempted or threatened, state when and in what manner ...... Does the patient talk to himself ...... Assume peculiar attitudes .... Hear voices ...... Believe he is being persecuted



State in

what manner State any changes that have occurred in the condition of the mind or body of the patient since the onset of the present attack of insanity ...... Has any restraint or confinement been imposed on the patient, the nature and duration ...... Is the patient now in jail ...... If not, state in whose custody said patient is, giving name, postoffice and telegraph address, distance from telegraph office and railroad station ...... If there have been any attacks of insanity previous to the present one, when did they occur .... Give the duration, symptoms and character of each


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of intervals between the attacks Was the patient entirely sane and rational between the attacks ...... If the patient has ever been an inmate of any hospital or other place of detention and treatment for the insane, state when, where and whether he was discharged or recovered or otherwise ...... If any of the patient's family or near relatives are or have been insane, mentally defective, epileptic, neurotic, alcoholic, tuberculous, et cetera, state the facts . . . . . . The degree of consanguinity Whether maternal or paternal ...... What in the opinion of the examining physician, are the exciting causes of the patient's insanity The predisposing causes ..... .. Name



and address of physician who last attended patient What treatment has been given ...... With what effect Is the patient normally below or above the average standard of intelligence Is the patient a congenital idiot or imbecile


Can the patient count ten ...... Could the patient ever read ...... Write .... Can he speak English .... Describe the appearance, manner and all insane acts and speech of the patient during examination State fully anything else


bearing on the case as indicating insanity

Coroner of .... Parish.

Judge's Warrant.

If the judge determines that said person is insane, he shall make the following order or warrant:

State of Louisiana, Parish or City of......, to wit: To the sheriff of the Parish of ... and to the Superintendent of the State Hospital, greeting:

Whereas, I, ..... judge of said Parish of ...... and two physicians, constituting a commission of inquiry, et cetera, into the sanity of said ...... have this day adjudged the said .... to be insane and a suitable subject for a hospital for the care and treatment of insane persons, and a citizen of this State; I do, in the name of the said State, command you, the said sheriff, to deliver the said ...... together with this warrant, to the superintendent of the . .. State Hospital, at ... that having a vacancy and being the nearest appropriate hospital, or to the duly authorized agent of said hospital, to be delivered by him to the said superintendent. And you, the said superintendent, with a vacancy, are hereby required to receive into the said

. . . . . .,

hospital, and into your care and charge, the said ...... to be treated and cared for as an insane person.

And I do herewith transmit to you, the said superintendent, the interrogatories and answers thereto, taken by said coroner touching the sanity of the said ...... a copy of which has this day been delivered by me to the clerk of court of the said parish or city.

Given under my hand this hundred and ....


.. day of

. . . . . .,


Blank Forms to Be Kept by Clerk of Court.


Each parish or corporation shall be provided with necessary blank forms by the clerk of court, to be paid out of the funds of the said parish or corporation. The record of proceedings under this section, together with the warrant of commitment, shall be made in duplicate, one copy of which shall be delivered by the judge to the sheriff of the parish, and the other copy filed in the office of the clerk of court.

Sheriff's Fees.

If the judge shall commit the suspected person to the insane hospital, he shall make out his order or warrant, as aforesaid directed to the sheriff of the parish, commanding him to convey the lunatic or insane person to the insane hospital for which duty the sheriff shall have the right to demand the same fees as are now allowed by law for the conveyance of convicts to the penitentiary of the State, which shall be paid out of the parish treasury, upon the order of the district judge, and likewise all other expenses previously incurred in bringing said insane person before the district judge.


Criminal Insane to Be Kept Separate in Insane Asylum.

3470. [Sec. 1, Act 264, 1910, p. 454.] The Hospital for the Insane established by the State of Louisiana at Jackson, Louisiana, shall provide and set apart separate ward or wards in such hospital for the criminal insane, to be known as "The Ward for the Criminal Insane;" said ward or wards shall be used for the sole purpose of keeping in custody, treating and caring for such persons as may be committed to such Hospital for the In

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