George Eliot's Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals, Svazek 3

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Harper & brothers, 1885 - Počet stran: 492
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Strana 113 - Tis that compels the elements, and wrings A human music from the indifferent air. The greatest gift the hero leaves his race Is to have been a hero.
Strana 282 - There is One great society alone on earth : The noble Living and the noble Dead.
Strana 240 - My function is that of the aesthetic, not the doctrinal teacher, — the rousing of the nobler emotions, which make mankind desire the social right, not the prescribing of special measures, concerning which the artistic mind, however strongly moved by social sympathy, is often not the best judge.
Strana 308 - But she told me that, in all that she considered her best writing, there was a " not herself " which took possession of her, and that she felt her own personality to be merely the instrument through which this spirit, as it were, was acting.
Strana 178 - ... picture or of enjoying great music. One might as well hope to dissect one's own body and be merry in doing it, as take molecular physics (in which you must banish from your field of view what is specifically human) to be your dominant guide, your determiner of motives, in what is solely human. That every study has its bearing on every other is true ; but pain and relief, love and sorrow, have their peculiar history which make an experience and knowledge over and above the swing of atoms.
Strana 182 - I think we must not take every great physicist — or other " ist " — for an apostle, but be ready to suspect him of some crudity concerning relations that lie outside his special studies, if his exposition strands us on results that seem to stultify the most ardent, massive experience of mankind, and hem up the best part of our feelings in stagnation.
Strana 13 - May, equally with men, and secured as far as possible, 1867along with every other breathing creature, from suffering the exercise of any unrighteous power. That is a broader ground of sympathy than agreement as to the amount and kind of result that may be hoped for from a particular measure.
Strana 189 - s75satisfied with your philosophy till you have conciliated necessitarianism — I hate the ugly word — with the practice of willing strongly, willing to will strongly, and so on, that being what you certainly can do and have done about a great many things in life...
Strana 310 - She was proud, too, of being an excellent housekeeper — an excellence attained from knowing how things ought to be done, from her early training, and from an inborn habit of extreme orderliness. Nothing offended her more than the idea that because a woman had exceptional intellectual powers, therefore it was right that she should absolve herself, or be absolved, from her ordinary household duties. It will have been seen from the letters that George Eliot was deeply interested in the higher education...
Strana 99 - July 1871. 1 don t see how I can leave anything out, because I hope there is nothing that will be seen to be irrelevant to my design, which is to show the gradual action of ordinary causes rather than exceptional, and to show this in some directions which have not been from time immemorial the beaten path — the Cremorne walks and shows of fiction.

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