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It will be observed that some sections are preceded with the word and figures (am'd 1849), or (am'd 1849-1851), &c., while others have no such prefix. When the word and figures (am'd 1849), or as the case may be, are prefixed, they signify that the section was amended in the year or years which the figures indicate.

Howard's Practice Reports are cited as "How."; Abbott's Practice Reports as "Abb."; Abbott's Practice Reports, New Series, as "Abb. N. S."; Robertson's Superior Court Reports as " Rob."; Transcript Appeals as "Trans. App."; New York Legal Observer as "N. Y. Leg. Obs."; Bosworth's Supe

rior Court Reports as Bosw."; Barbour's Supreme Court Reports as "Barb.";

Lansing's Supreme Court Reports as "Lans." The references to the Revised Statutes, not otherwise marked, are to the first edition.

This Edition of the Code contains references to all the reports issued to June, 1870, and includes 40 New York, 54 Barbour, 39 Howard, part 1; 7 Abbott, N. S.; 1 Lansing, and some cases from advance sheets of 2 Daly and 55 Barbour; also references to such of the statutes of 1870 as pertain to practice and pleading, some of which not being received in time to fill their appropriate space, have been placed in the Appendix.


Section 92, Sub. 2, for, where action, read where the action.

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