The baronet's family, Svazek 3,Svazek 79

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Strana 227 - Alas ! alas ! Why, all the souls that were, were forfeit once; And He that might the vantage best have took, Found out the remedy: How would you be, If he, which is the top of judgment, should But judge you as you are? O, think on that; And mercy then will breathe within your lips, Like man new made.
Strana 66 - For ever and for ever, all in a blessed home — And there to wait a little while- till you and Effie come — To lie within the light of God, as I lie upon your breast — And the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.
Strana 83 - The wise and active conquer difficulties, By daring to attempt them. Sloth and folly Shiver and shrink at sight of toil and hazard, And make th
Strana 112 - A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud, Feed on her damask cheek: she pined in thought, And with a green and yellow melancholy She sat like patience on a monument, Smiling at grief.
Strana 66 - O sweet and strange it seems to me, that ere this day is done The voice, that now is speaking, may be beyond the sun — For ever and for ever with those just souls and true — And what is life, that we should moan ? why make we such ado?
Strana 66 - He shines upon a hundred fields, and all of them I know. And there I move no longer now, and there his light may shine — Wild flowers in the valley for other hands than mine.
Strana 134 - Too soon the eventful moments haste away. Here perseverance, with each help of art, Must join the boldest efforts of the heart ; These only now their misery can relieve, These only now a dawn of safety give. While o'er the quivering deck from van to rear Broad surges roll in terrible career, Rodmond, Arion, and a chosen crew, This office in the face of death pursue.
Strana 163 - I'm no like to dee ; For O, I am but young to cry out, Woe is me ! I gang like a ghaist, and I carena much to spin ; I darena think o' Jamie, for that wad be a sin.
Strana 111 - Look, look, the summer rises in her cheeks : A blush as hot as June, comes flooding o'er Her too proud paleness. Burning modesty Warms all her brow, and beauty, quite abashed, Droops her twin stars to earthward.

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