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DAUGHTER of descending night,
Beauteous is thy western light;
From behind the darkening cloud
Thy unshorn tresses stream abroad,
And stately thro' the silent sky
Rolls thy azure course on high.
Fair light to Ossian's soul unfold,
What dost thou on the plain behold?
The winds have ceased their stormy roar;
The murmuring torrent sounds afar;
The rocks dash back the roaring main;
With feeble wing across the plain
The humming-flies their course pursue:
Say, fair light, what dost thou view?—
But I see thy parting smile;
Thou dost linger but awhile;
The waves around with joyful care
Haste to bathe thy lovely hair.
Silent Star of Eve, adieu!
Bid my
soul its light renew.


BEAUTEOUS daughter of the sky

Lovely shines thy face on high;
As thou dost in silence roll
Placid quiet fills the soul.

As thy eastern beams ascend Countless stars thy course attend; The clouds their glittering skirts display, And brighten to thy silver ray.

Daughter of the silent night! Who can rival thy mild light? The stars with envy turn away And sicken at thy flood of day.

When thou dost hide thy lovely head, And darkness o'er thy face is spread, What unseen path dost thou pursue? What other regions dost thou view?

Dost thou in sorrow seek relief? Hast thou like me thy hall of grief? Have they who with thee cheer'd the even Fall'n from their azure course in heaven?

Yes they have fall'n, fair light, and thou Dost often bid thy sorrows flow.

Thou too at last shall leave the sky,
Nor longer radiant roll on high.

Then when thy darken'd form is hid, They, who with shame before thee fled, The stars, shall rule the glimmering night And gladden at thy faded light.

But now while full thy beauty blooms Nor age with cank'ring tooth consumes, Cloth'd in the brightening splendor rise And spread thy glories o'er the skies.

Burst, ye winds, the envious cloud; Bid night's fair daughter shine abroad, That the rough mountains may be bright And foamy Ocean roll in light.

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AH why so far! so quickly gone?
Have the bright days of pleasure flown?
Where are the scenes so gay that smil'd
And cheer'd my bosom when a child?
To wonted thought my soul retires,
And fondly seeks her old desires,
Which once alone by fancy fram'd,
As every moment's wishes claim'd,
Spontaneous came in variant throng,
And bade the hours glide soft along.
But now no more these forms appear;
Cold Reason holds her empire there,
And as she spreads her sober sway,
See Fancy her restraints obey.
'Tis thus we pass the morning dream,
And meditate the shining scene
Which fiction offers to our eyes:-
We wake, and straight the vision flies.
Ye happy times unharm'd by care!
Ye youthful days for ever fair!

Ye scenes where sprightly pleasures dwell!
Farewel, for ever! Oh farewel!
Through darker paths I take my way,
Where dangers and where doubts dismay,
And anxious fears my peace molest,
And hope deludes the eager breast.

Since then, O Time, thou bid'st me leave.
All that these fleeting moments give,

Nor longer will the days remain,
When Fancy held unbounded reign,
Oh do not this one boon refuse,
Still leave me Friendship, and the Muse!


HITHER Nymph with eager eye!
Hither Curiosity!

Hither haste, and bring along
With Fancy, Resolution strong,
And Labour to his purpose true
Until all things he subdue.
And let at distance meet behind
Reflection sage with Wisdom join'd,
Thy vagrant footsteps still attend
And with pleasure knowledge blend.
I know thee by thy glancing eyes
From the deep centre to the skies,
"By the wings that grace thy head,"
Thy pinions from thy heels outspread,
By thy robe loose to the wind,
And by that step that marks thy mind.
Led by thee I oft have stray'd,
What time the day's last glimm'rings fade,
To view the wonders of the sky
And mark'd the Pleiads shine on high,
Observ'd the Bear's nocturnal round
Circling through the blue profound,

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