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BY thy blue eye's languid roll,

With dewy lustre gleaming!
By the blush that speaks thy soul,

By thy smiles bright beaming!

By the tear that dimm'd thine eye,

When tales of woe I told thee! By thy bosom's stealing sigh!

Mine I shall behold thee.

Talk not of indifference now,

While in every feature Looks, more strong than words, will show

That 'tis not in thy nature.

Thou wast form'd to love again,

And prove thy votry's blessing; To feel the joy, to feel the pain,

Severe beyond expressing.

Not for pity's fruitless tear,

Nor friendship’s cold emotion, Not for words that die in air,

Flows my fond devotion:

But sparkling eyes and changeful cheek,

The lover's presence greeting, Love warm answering love, I seek,

Rapture, rapture meeting.

OH! wert thou hail'd the sole

Of all that greets the day-star's view,
And brighter were thy beauty's sheen
Than ever form that fancy drew;

Yet I would never love thee:
No! no! I would not love thee!
Nor ever sigh or tear of mine
Should idly strive to move thee.

For now I know thy dark wiles

No more I pant with hope or fear;
No more thy artful frowns or smiles
My poor distracted bosom tear;

For I no longer love thee,
No! no! I do not love thee!
No more my hapless passion lives,
Since false as fair I



Yet bright still rolls thy dark eye,

And curling flows thy glossy hair,
As soft thy warm cheek's crimson dye,
Thy swelling bosom still as fair,

As when I first did love thee,
Most tenderly did love thee;
And some poor youth they shall entice
Like me in vain to love thee.

S 2

But ah! thy flinty cold heart

Ill suits thy beauty's treacherous glow
'Tis fraught with hollow female art,
And ne'er could love or pity know.

Ah, woe to him that loves thee!
Not knowing thee he loves thee;
For thou canst trifle with his woes,
But passion never moves thee.

With what true love I woo'd thee,

Each sleepless night sad witness bears, My breast that glow'd with sighs for thee, My wan cheek wet with bitter tears:

All told how much I lov'd thee,
And thou didst know I lov'd thee,
And thou couldst smile to see the pain
Of him who dearly lov'd thee!

But broken is the fond spell;

My fate no more depends on thee;
And thou perhaps one day shalt tell
Thy sorrow and remorse for me:

For none can ever love thee,
As much as I did love thee;
But I shall court my chains no more
No! no! I cannot love thee!


SMIT by misfortune in life's early day,

And seeing every budding pleasure die, The heart-struck mourner turns forlorn away

From where Hope waves her gilded banners high; And where some woodland streamlet murmurs by,

To lonely wild flowers bids her numbers flow, Or when the tempest darkens in the sky,

On the chill sea-beach vents her bitter woe.

Fruitless regrets! ye tear the wounded heart,

And point the arrow of each coming ill; For never shall that bosom cease to smart

That fondly cherishes its power to feel.“ No!-to oblivion rather let me flee, Forget what once I was-nor think what I must be.



AH stop!-retire!--nor yet invade,

Rude Winter! the declining year: Stay till the woodland honours fade;

Stay till the mellowing leaf be sere!

Red sets the sun at chilly eve,

While rising winds howl loud around; And see! (quite lost its curling wave)

The pool in glittering ice-bands bound!

Too well these signs thy reign declare;

The shrinking waters own thy spell; The spirits of the frighten'd air

Bid warmth, and day, and joy, farewel.

Ah Winter, spare awhile the year,

Nor nip it rudely ere thy time: Return thee to thy native sphere;

'Bide yet in Greenland's polar clime.

There forms that love thy pallid reign

Shall willing bend beneath thy laws, And over every snow-clad plain

Huge shaggy monsters growl applause.

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