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lowed to the biographer to escape the shackles of reason, and borrow the hues of fancy to embellish his picture, the writer of these memoirs may be pardoned if he endeavour to exhibit to the world a captivating picture of a man, who, with no other aid than that which he derived from his own stores, made himself the wonder and delight of all who knew him. It is a just tribute to his memory to say that no one ever applied to him in vain for information. Even on the abstruse questions of law, where they depended upon general principles, the writer of these memoirs, a mere tyro in his profession, acknowledges with gratitude, the advantages which he derived from the clear and discriminating mind of Dr. Shaw. His life afforded a melancholy illustration of the remark,

“ Slow rises worth by poverty depress’d.”

Yet it has not been written in vain if it serve to convince the waivering and irresolute, that the thorny path of life is to be travelled with a persevering spirit, and that in every situation a quiet conscience is the only source of happiness. It is of little consequence that plenty empties her copious horn, or pleasure weaves her captivating garlands, if the favourite of fortune cannot meet the lonely hour of reflection with a tranquil mind. Peace rules the breast where reason rules the way. The days of the pilgrimage of Shaw were few and evil, but his nights were neve disturbed by the visions of vice. The seeds of virtue were early sown in his mind, and they were no

given to a churlish soil. Although difficulty and disappointment constantly crossed his path, yet temptation never seduced him from it. With toil unwearied, and spirit undismayed, he pursued his wearisome journey, and if his life had been spared, it may be asserted, without the imputation of partiality, that his exertions would have been crowned with a reward alike honourable to himself and his country.

Peace to the memory of a man of worth,
A man of letters, too!
His Sun is set-Oh rise some other such.

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