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patronage of the publick, were com. posed by a gentleman whose extensive endowments and excellent qualities commanded the respect, and won the esteem of all who knew him. Those who remember the com. municatiotis of Ithacus, in the earlier volumes of the Port Folio, will not condemn the taste which deems them worthy of republication in the form that is now proposed; and the many who lamert the untimely blow which deprived them of a friend, and society of a useful and brilliant ornament, will liber. ally aid an attempt to give a " local habitation" to the memorials of his genius.

Some months previous to his demise, Dr Shaw communicated to a friend his intention of publislung a volume of poetry, and they devoted several evenings to the task of preparing them for the press. But the idea of establishing a Medical College, in this city, which he conceived about that time, and the cares of an increasing family, so much en. grossed his attention, that his literary project was abandoned for, more important purSuits.

For most of the pieces, therefore, which shall appear in the proposed collection, the editor may plead the sanction of their author; and, in the choice of others, he will not ne glect the duty that is due to the fame of his deceased friend.

It is the intention of the editor to prefix some account of the life of Dr Shaw. From his letters and memoranda, written during his resistence on the coast of Barbary, his

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