Term Reports in the Court of King's Bench, Svazek 5

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J. Butterworth and Son, 1817
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Strana 541 - bond, or on any penal sum, for nonperformance of any covenants or agreements in any indenture, deed, or writing, contained, the plaintiff may assign as many breaches as he shall think fit, and the jury upon trial of such action shall and may assess not only such damages and costs of suit as have
Strana 656 - What was said by Lord Mansfield in the case alluded to, and in several others, is certainly true, that the illness of the servant, whether it happen at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of the year, does not operate as a
Strana 336 - which enacts, that in every indictment for perjury it shall be sufficient to set forth the substance of the offence charged, and by what Court or before whom the oath was taken, (averring such Court, &c. to have competent authority to administer the
Strana 330 - averments to falsify the matter " wherein the perjury is assigned ; without setting forth the bill, " answer, information, indictment, declaration, or any part of *' any record, or proceeding, either in law or equity, other than "as aforesaid; and without setting forth the commission or
Strana 38 - c. 13. s. 1. vests the property of certain prints in the inventors, designers, &c. for fourteen years " from the day of publishing, which shall be " truly engraved with the name of the proprietor on each plate, " and printed on every such print;" inflicting on other persons printing the
Strana 497 - were nonsuited. A rule was obtained, in the beginning of the term, calling on the defendants to shew cause why the nonsuit should not be set aside, and a new trial granted, and was now supported by Erskine,
Strana 543 - any congregation permitted by the act, &c. such person " or persons, upon proof thereof before any justice of the peace by " two or more sufficient witnesses, shall find two sureties to be " bound by recognizance in the penal sum of 501. and in default " of such sureties shall be committed to prison, there to remain
Strana 612 - commencement of hostilities, against the British nation in India, or against some of the Princes or States dependant thereon, or whose territories the said United Company shall be at such time engaged by any subsisting treaty to defend or guaranty, either to declare war, or to commence hostilities,
Strana 108 - in the said sloop, &c. which was carrying them on the high seas; such sloop or vessel not being a sloop or vessel which did truly and without fraud belong only to the people of England^ or Ireland, &c. (negativing the words in the stat. 12 Car.
Strana 311 - my sister Lois Andrew and her assigns during the term " of her natural life; and from and after her decease I give "and devise the same unto my nephew

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