The elements of mechanism

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Strana 167 - A GREEK-ENGLISH LEXICON. Compiled by HG LIDDELL, DD Dean of Christ Church, and R. SCOTT, DD Dean of Rochester.
Strana 173 - AND ENGLISH LEXICON TO THE NEW TESTAMENT: especially adapted to the use of Colleges, and the Higher Classes in Public Schools ; but also intended as a convenient Manual for Biblical Students in general. By Dr. BLOOMFIELD. 2d Edition, enlarged and improved. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. 6d. cloth. BOY'S OWN BOOK (THE) ; A Complete Encyclopaedia of all the Diversions, Athletic, Scientific, and Recreative, of Boyhood and Youth.
Strana 2 - Mrs. R. Lee's Elements of Natural History ; or, First Principles of Zoology : Comprising the Principles of Classification, interspersed with amusing and instructive Accounts of the most remarkable Animals.
Strana 176 - Elements of Geometry : consisting of the first four, and the sixth, Books of Euclid, chiefly from the Text of Dr. Robert Simson ; with the principal Theorems in Proportion, and a Course of Practical Geometry on the Ground, Also, Four Tracts relating to Circles, Planes, and Solids ; with one on Spherical Geometry. By JOHN NARRIEN, FRS and RAS 8vo.
Strana 174 - BLAIR'S CHRONOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL TABLES, From the Creation to the present time : with Additions and Corrections from the most authentic Writers i including the Computation of St. Paul, as connecting the Period from the Exode to the Temple. Under the revision of Sir HENRY ELLIS, KH, Principal Librarian of the British Museum.
Strana 176 - CROCKER'S ELEMENTS OF LAND SURVEYING. Fifth Edition, corrected throughout, and considerably improved and modernized, by TG BUNT, Land Surveyor, Bristol. To which are added, TABLES OF SIX-FIGURE LOGARITHMS, &c., superintended by RICHARD FARLEY, of the Nautical Almanac Establishment.
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Strana 171 - Howard's Introductory Latin Exercises. Introductory Latin Exercises to those of Clarke, Ellis, Turner, and others : designed for the Younger Classes. By NATHANIEL HOWARD. A New Edition, 12mo. 2s. 6d. cloth. Howard's Latin Exercises extended. Latin Exercises Extended ; or, a Series of Latin Exercises, selected from the best Roman Writers, and adapted to the Rules of Syntax, particularly in the Eton Grammar. To which are added , English Examples to be translated into Latin , immediately under the same...
Strana 6 - MAUNDER.- THE UNIVERSAL CLASS-BOOK : A new Series of Reading Lessons (original and selected) for Every Day in the Year ; each Lesson recording some important Event in General History, Biography, &c. which happened on the day of the month under which it is placed, or detailing, in familiar language, interesting facts in Science ; also a variety of Descriptive and Narrative Pieces, interspersed with Poetical Gleanings...
Strana 168 - Howard's Introductory Greek Exercises, and Key. Introductory Greek Exercises to those of Huntingford, Dunbar, Neilson, and others; arranged under Models, to assist the learner: with Exercises on the different Tenses of Verbs, extracted from the Table or Picture of Cebes.

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