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Strana 216 - Her voice was ever soft, Gentle, and low, — an excellent thing in woman.
Strana 216 - The recommendations of this report will draw the attention of great numbers of teachers to the question of educational values, and this will lead to a better understanding of what the pupil should study to gain the most from his work in school. In this respect I consider this the most important educational document ever published in this country.
Strana 218 - He should learn to estimate by the eye, and to measure with some degree, of accuracy, lengths, angular magnitudes, and areas ; to make accurate, plans from his own measurements and estimates ; and to make models of simple geometrical solids. The whole work in concrete geometry will connect itself on the one side with the work in arithmetic, and on the other with elementary instruction in physics. With the study of arithmetic is therefore to be intimately associated the study of algebraic signs and...
Strana 203 - The effect of this measure was such, that at the last of the action, when the Alabama would have made off, she was near five miles from the shore, and had the action continued from the first in parallel lines, with her head in shore, the line of jurisdiction would no doubt have been reached. The firing of the Alabama from the first was rapid and wild; toward the close of the action her firing became better.
Strana 217 - ... to win from it the kind of mental training it is fitted to supply; they put the different principal subjects on an approximate equality so far as time-allotment is concerned; they omit all short information courses; and they make sufficiently continuous the instruction in each of the main lines, namely, language, science, history and mathematics.
Strana 224 - It quickly answers the questions constantly arising about the history, spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of words. A Library in Itself, it also gives the often desired information concerning eminent persons; facts concerning the countries, cities, towns, and natural features of the globe ; particulars concerning noted fictitious persons and places; translation of foreign quotations; etc., etc.
Strana 203 - Kearsarge was immediately steamed ahead and laid across her bows for raking. The white flag was still flying, and our fire was again reserved. Shortly after this her boats were seen to be lowering, and an officer in one of them came alongside and informed us the ship had surrendered and was fast sinking. In twenty minutes from this time the Alabama went down.
Strana 201 - Admiral at Cherbourg, assured him that in the event of an action occurring with the Alabama the position of the ships should be so far off shore that no question could be advanced about the line of jurisdiction.
Strana 203 - I had endeavored, with a port helm, to close in with the Alabama ; but it was not until just before the close of the action, that we were in position to use grape.

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