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Published Maroh 22.

An Act to provide for more fully carrying into effect the General Banking

Law of this state.
The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : Bank compte SECTION 1. The bank comptroller is hereby authorized rollor to apo point nesiktant to appoint one assistant register, who shall be accountable register. to and perform such duties as may be assigned him by the

bank comptroller, and shall receive an annual salary of six hundred dollars, to be paid by the state treasurer

quarterly, commencing on the first day of January last. Clerk

SEO. 2. The state treasurer is hereby authorized to appoint one clerk, who shall perform such duties in the bank department as may be assigned by the state treasurer.He shall receive an annual salary of six hundred dollars, to be paid out of the state treasury quarterly, commencing

on the first day of January last. Agent SEO. 3. The agent of the bank department in the city of

New York, shall receive an annual salary of five hundred dollars, to commence on the first day of January, 1856, and to be paid by the state treasurer, on the certificate of the bank comptroller. The salary of the bank register is

hereby increased to the sum of twelve hundred dollars. Appropriation. SEO. 4. A sum sufficient to provide for the payment of

the foregoing appropriations is hereby annually appopriated, to be paid out of any money in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated.

SEO. 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 18, 1856.

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Published March 25.

An Aot to authorize certain towns to aid in the construction of the Milwaukee

and Beloit Railroad.

The People of the State of Wisconsin represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The respective boards of supervisors of the Certain town towns of Muskego, Vernon, Mukwanago, in the county to iesno bonda

to railronde of Wankesba, and of east Troy, Troy, Lafayette, Sugar Creek, Elkhorn and Delavan, in the county of Walworth, are hereby authorized and empowered on the condition and for the purpose of aiding in the construction of the Milwaukee and Beloit railroad, to issue the bonds of their respective towns for any sum of money not exceeding in the aggregate, the amount in each town, as hereinafter specified, to wit: Muskego, fifty thousand dollars; Vernon, fifty thousand dollars ; Mukwanago, one hun. dred thousand dollars; East Troy, one hundred thousand dollars; Troy, fifty thousand dollars; Lafayette, thirty thousand dollars; Sugar Creek, forty thousand dollars; Elkborn, twenty five thousand dollars; Delavan, seventyfive thousand dollars.

SEO. 2. Such bonds shall be signed by the chairman of Whor payable, the town board of supervisors, and countersigned by the do town clerk, and shall be of such denomination and payable at such place as the board of supervisors, issuing them may deem advisable, and shall be payable at a time specified therein, not exceeding twenty years from the date, with interest, not exceeding 8 per cent. per annum,

8 payable annually or semi-annually.

Seo. 3. Such bonds may be delivered to the Milwaukee To vote on isand Beloit railroad company, at their par value, in pay.

sue of bonda ment for shares of stock to be subscribed by the supervis ors of the town, in the capital stock of said railroad company, for the benefit of such town; but no such bonds shall be issued until a majority of the legal voters of the town voting upon the question shall have voted in favor of such issue. A special election for that purpose may be called by the supervisors of the town, at the usual place of holding the annual town meeting, at such time as they

may deem proper ; but in either caso notice of the elec. tion shall be posted up in five public places in the town, and be published in a newspaper printed in the county, for twenty days preceding such election; sach notice shall specify the amount of the bonds proposed to be is sued to said railroad company, the length of time they are to run, the rate of interest they shall bear, and the place where the same shall be payable ; at such election, those voting in favor of the proposition shall deposit & ballot containing the words thereon, “For the railroad," and those voting against it shall deposit a ballot contain ing thereon the words, " Against the railroad.The election shall be conducted, and the votes shall be can

vassed, certified to, and recorded in the same manner as Proviso.

the votes given at the annual town meeting; Provided, however, That no such election shall be ordered or called by the supervisors of the town, unless the same shall be requested in a petition signed by not less than twenty-fire freeholders of such town; but when such petition 80 signed shall be presented to the supervisors of the town,

they shall order or call such election as herein provided. Company to SEO. 4. Before the supervisors shall issue and deliver give security. any such bonds, said railroad company shall give security

to the satisfaction of the supervisors, that the money arising from the sale of bonds shall be faithfully applied to the construction of the Milwaukee and Beloit railroad; and the said railroad shall be completed to each point within such time as they may deem it safe and expedient

to require. Stock, doc. SEO. 5. The shares of stock in said railroad company pledged for

thus taken by any town, and all dividends arising therepayment of principal and from, are hereby and shall remain irrevocably pledged for

the payment of the principal and interest of the bonds de livered therefor, as also for the faith of such town; but the supervisors of the town may sell the shares of stock taken in said railroad by such town if authorized so to do, by s majority of the legal voters voting at an annual town meeting in such town, and thereafter the proceeds of such sale, and the interest thereon, shall be and remain irrevocably pledged to pay the principal and interest of such bonds, and the supervisors shall annually, or whenever it may become necessary, levy a tax upon the taxable property of the town, sufficient to pay the interest upon such bonds, and the principal when it shall become due, and such tax shall be assessed, levied and collected in the


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same manner as other taxes in such towns are assessed, levied and collected by law.

SEQ. 6. The shares of stock 80 subscribed for, and held Stock not afby any such town, shall not be in any manner affected by fected by

mortgage. any mortgage, lien, or incumbrance given or obtained upon such railroad; and in case any such railroad bě sold

; or in any manner disposed of, to satisfy any such mortgage or lien, such shares of stock beld by such town, shall still remain valid and unaffected, and the town shall be entitled to draw the same dividends upon such shares in whosoever hands or control such railroad maybe, such sale or disposition had been made.

SEO. 7. The board of supervisors of each town holding Railroad comany shares of stock in said railroad, shall annually, or as missioner. often as a vacancy occurs, appoint one railroad commissioner, who shall attend the annual or special meetings of the stockholders of said railroad company, and shall be entitled to cast one vote for every share of stock Bo held by the town, in the election of officers in said railroad company, and in all questions in which the stockholders may have a vote. SEO. 8. This act shall be published in one newspaper To publish.

" published in each of the counties of Waukesha and Walworth, and with the laws of a general nature, and shall be ia force from and after its passage.

Approved March 18, 1856.

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An Act to authorize the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to sub

scribe for a certain number of copies of the Wisconsin Journal of Educa-

The people of the State of Wisconsin, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. The state superintendent of public instruc- State superintion, from year to year, so long as he shall deem expedient, tendent io is hereby authorized to subscribe for so many copies of journal of eduthe Wisconsin Journal of Education, published by the cation, da

to subscribe for


State Teachers’ Association, at the price of fifty cents per year, as shall be sufficient to supply one copy to each or ganized school district in the state, and one copy to each town superintendent of schools in the state; Provided The state superintendent be allowed to publish, free o expense to the state, any and all matters of an educational character, that he may wish to publish from month to month in the columns of said journal. The said periodical shall be sent by the publishers to the clerk of each school district in the state, and to each town superintendent in the state. It shall be the duty of each district clerk to cause each volume to be bound, at the expense of the dis trict, and to be kept in the library of such district, subject

to the general librarv regulations. Payment for

SEO. 2. A som sufficient to pay for the number of copies of said journal so subscribed for, is hereby annually appropriated out of the income of the school fund, and the same shall remain in the state treasury, subject to the draft of the state superintendent of public instruction, to be drawn quarterly, and paid over to the publisher of said

journal. To deduct

Seo. 3. In making the annual apportionment' of the same from school fund.

income of the school fund among the several towns and cities of this state, it shall be the duty of the state super intendent to deduct from the whole amount otherwise subject to apportionment, such sum as may be necessary to

pay for the said journal at the price above named. To certity Sec. 4. In certifying to the state treasurer the appor amount dedacted to state tionment of the income of the school fund annually, the trengarer.

state superintendent shall state in such certificate the ag gregate amount deducted according to the provisions of this act.

Seo. 5. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 19, 1856.

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