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On consulting the most remote history, not only of European nations but those of the wildest regions, under the frigid and the torrid zones, we shall uniformly find, that the vocal chant has at all periods and every where predominated. Religious ceremonies have been accompanied by solemn strains of melody,- the songs of war and of victory are proverbial, and the funereal dirge is sung as the final tribute of devotional love and respect for the manes of a departed spirit. Such we conceive to have been the origin of all Song, which, in remote ages, does not appear to have extended beyond the celebration of such solemn rites. In process of time the epithalamium was performed at nuptial ceremonies, from whence, in all probability, originated the sprightlier amatory and Bacchanalian strains.

As early as the reign of the heroic Alfred, history affords incontestible proof that the harp was the favoured instrument among the Britons, and in various manuscript Saxon records, still preserved, the rude illuminations introduced as embellishments, represent persons performing on that and other minor instruments. With respect to the stile of composition used during those dark ages, nothing for a certainty nas been handed down; and it is only from the period of the Norman conquest thạt we are enabled to trace any thing of that nature that can be relied upon. William the Conqueror was certainly accompanied in his expedition by many Trouverres, Chanterres, Jongleurs, Troubadours, or Minstrels, originally of Provence, who played a species of wild music, accompanied by extempore verse, in the stile of the Italian Improvvisatori. In Percy's Relics of Ancient English Poetry is a specimen of the versification of Richard Caur de Lion; and Blondiaux, or Blondel, the Provençal bard, who was the

intimate and associate of that belligerent monarch, composed a legendary air still preserved, and introduced in the interesting theatrical aiter-piece on the subject of that prince, which is no mediocre proof of the feeling and pathos that characterized the productions of the period in question. The national ballad of Chevy Chase is well known to every lover of harmony, and a more beautiful strain, accompanied by many touches of pure pathetic versification, is not to be found in the vocal annals of any country.

We have deemed it requisite to offer the foregoing cursory remarks on the origin of English Song, in order to prove that all the subsequent efforts at composition are indebted for their existence to vocal harmony.

In regard to the present publication, which is intended to chronicle songs from the earliest period to the present day, if we may be permitted to judge from the pulse of public approbation, the UNIVERSAL SONGSTER has incontestibly established its reputation; which derives no small portion of popularity from the combined humourous illustrations of Messrs. George and Robert Cruikshank, displayed in the pictorial embellishments that accompany our numbers, which sketches are faithfully and exquisitely engraved by Mr. J. R. Marshall.

In the progress of this periodical work the same indefatigable industry will uniformly be exemplified, which we feel no small degree of pride in stating has insured us, independent of the labours of those now no more, the assistance of the best composers of songs at present living. To those we beg to offer our sincere acknowledgements, without particularizing names, which we should be happy to insert, were it not from a fear of giving offence to many poetical geniuses less known, who might conceive themselves entitled to similar notice.

With every sentiment of respect,

We beg to subscribe ourselves,

The devoted servants of the Public,








Deep in the fountain of this beating heart

91 As it fell upon a day

Deep in a vale a cottage stood

69 182 A nosegay lacking flowers fresh


Dear husband, take najealous flights..
An honest crew disposed to be merry

Do not my eyes, when I gaze on each feature.

252 All that glitters is not gold

Dear Marian, meek-eyed, placid maid..

253 At the spring birds do sing

330 995

Dear Chloe, come, give me sweet kisses Ah! pleasant land of France, farewell

Down by the river there grows a green willow. 447

968 Blow, blow, thou wintry wind .........

Ere bright Rosina met my eyes .......

976 17 Back and syde go bare, go bare..................

Fly from the world, O Bessy, to me.

46 Crabbed age and youth

Fare thee well, and if for ever.. 15

52 Come hither, shepherd swain....

Forget thee in the banquet-halls 162

107 Close thine eyes, and sleep secure..

Fly swift, ye zephyrs


144 Come, shepherd swains, that wont to hear me sing. 250

From flowers which we twine for the teinple of Love Cynthia, thy song and chanting.....

Farewell, ungrateful traitor....

181 Drink to me only with thine eyes

Fare thee well, 'tis meet we part. 84

293 Fill all the glasses, fill them high

Farewell, I've broke my chain at last.

938 Good night? good rest! ah, neither be my share....

Fairest maiden, ope thine eyes 189

210 Hark, the lark at heaven's gate singe

Forget me not, forget me not.... 76

23) If all the world and Love were young..

Fly, my canoe, the tempest brave.

312) If doughty deeds my layde please

Farewell, false hope ! false vows, farewell

438 It was a lordling's daughter, the fairest one of three 219

Give me, my love, before we part ...

124 Love in my bosom, like a bee

Go, rover, go, from clime to clime...

158 Love, love, nothing but love, still more.

Good night, good night, and is it so..........

261 My dear mistress has a heart......

Go, brightest of the Howery race... 166

424 Mary's red, and Mary's white .....

Her cheek for ever smiling 266

4 Now Phoebus sinketh in the west.

How oft I've cheered you when we roved.

122 No wretched captive of his prison speaks

He won'd, he won her simple heart...

137 Sigh no more, ladies ! ladies, sigh no more...... 86

How vain the endeavour, what art can conceal 270 Still to be neat, still to be dressed

He was a chief of low degree

291 The ousel cock so black of hue

Hymen! oh, how sweet thy hours

315 Tell me where is fancy bred....

Hard is the heart that never felt for woman in distress 340

83 The sky is glad that stars above

How softly sweet the star of love....

355 Under the greenwood tree....

Haste, roseate hour, that Fate ordains

249 Vulcan, contrive me such a cup

How full of joy the happy hour

423 With thee fair summer's joys appear

I have a silent sorrow here

47 When daisies pied and violets blue


In our cottage that peeps from the skirts of the wood 65 When it is the time of night...

In the world's crooked path where I've been

76 Who is Sylvia? What is she?

If a youth should meet a maiden....

112 When Harold was invaded

I love and am loved by a maid

194 Who is it that this dark night?

I love a lad, a handsome lad..

212 Where the bee sucks there lurk I

In Tunis' fair city, as I have been told

225 Ye little birds that sit and sing

I whispered her a last adieu

279 I have parks, I have grounds . .........

348 In yonder grove, at close of even

377 AMATORY. I'm fourteen summers old I trow

378 It chanced that Cupid on a season..

384 A fig for nonsensical speeches

In love, to be sure, what disasters we meet

395 A weary lot is thine, fair maid

In silence and sorrow A lawn of hope my soul revives

56 Julio told me when we parted At the Baron of Mowbray's gate was seen...

Just like love is yonder rose.

104 Adieu, my native land, adieu 68 Joy to Ventoso's halls

413 Alas! I'm quite out of my teens 220 Kiity's charming face and voice

110 Anxiety for thee, love

221 Love, little blind urchin, went strolling one day 29 A bridal wreath we twine for thee 252 Let not Sorrow dare to borrow

46 Away with your fictions of flimsy romance 257 Long have I loved

66 Ah, willow, willow, droop with me 263 Little Love is a mischievous boy

150 Ah, fond, foolish heart, beware

Love's blind they say

216 Awake, my love, the sun's bright ray 289 Love, thou dear deceiver..

209 As Beauty was rambling o'er Pleasure's ground... 334 Love roved one day to Beauty's bowers..

269 Ah, why delay, sweet maid: the darkening hour.. 338 Like the soft and silvery stream ........

279 A dove in terror flying 413 Love taught my soul to brook control

322 As'cross the fields the other morn 448 Loved girl, when thou from me art flown

335 Be mine, dear maid, this faithful heart 60 Lovers vainly try to banish.

352 By him we love offended... 145 Let poets sound the high-town praise

360 Before my eyes beheld him 239 Lady, wlien with glad surprise

406 Behold me, šung Hassan, the fearless and free 262 Mary, dear Mary, list, awake....

2 Beneath the earth, in her lonely caves.. 936 Mr. Goose was a man of greai riches and fame

19 Begone, your heart will fickle prove ........ ..... 430 My Nancy leaves the rural train....

25 Come, dearest, e'er the sun is set 11 Mary, I believed thee true...

51 Come, dearest charmer, bless my eyes 22 My gauntlet's down, my Hag unfurled

58 Come shining forth, my dearest 29 My mother bids me bind my hair

87 Can wealth or friends thy heart incline 193 Maid of Athens, ere we part

98 Could I tunc a Petrarch's lyre 153 My lodging is on the cold ground

104 Come, come, dearest Mary, your lover is near 167 My Nanny, though thou can'st not boast

144 Cupid, lovely charming boy ...

Modest, by a sylvan shade..

168 Come here, behold each female face....

My mother pretends for a wife l'm too young

175 Come, tell me, says Rosa, as kissing and kissed 249 My Fanny, I love thee when smiling

244 Come pray with me, my seraph love

293 My love is returned from his exile afar Clara, come tell me whai withers thy heart..

My Laura's smile when last we met

271 Com:, tbe moonbeams lightly dancing

349 My mind is my kingdom, but if thou wilt deign... 313

23 52








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Mvjove no more to England

The rose and the lily their beauties combining...... 226
My heart with love is beating
401 To her daughter, t'other day.

My first and my only love, fall waves before thee 417 Turn to me, love, those lips once more...

No, Harry, no, I will not wed..
61 Three young men came a wooing, wooing..

Now wanton gales perfume the glade
64 This is the tall and stately grove.

No, no, no, no, I'm not yet wed...
152 Time cannot change my love for thee...

Now's the time for mirth and glee..

356 The moon shone bright when William said ...... 298
Now, Joan, we are married, and now let me say 382 The rose which you gave me at parting, my fair
Near where old Thames in ample tide.

The lovely drum is heard around..
0, 'tis love, 'tis love, 'tis love...
19 The sun's last beams had tinged the sky

O, happy, happy, happy, lovers ...

Thy cheek, my sweet fair

0, Ellen, thine eyes, like the sweet stars of night. 30 Two sweet little birds a blossomy spray........

0, well do I remember that lone but lovely hour. 80 Though alone, I am not lonely..

On this cold Ainty rock I will lay down my head 83 The bird that fortune's power...

O, lady, ne'er think I'll prove false to thee
85 The chain I gave was fair to view...

o, love is a fairy power ....
91 The ordeals fatal sounded

Oppressed with grief e'er break of day...
99 The mid-day sun was bright on high

O, weep not, sweet maid, nor let sorrow oppress thee 115 There's something in kissing, I cannot tell why 392
Of all the girls that I have seen
116 The orange-flowers on Cuba's strand

0, I can bear my fate no longer ..,
122 Tell me not of joys above

O, the days are gone when beauty bright.
1-30 Those pretty girls, those pretty girls,

0, heed not love's sigh...

159 They made her a grave too cold and damp........ 422
o, there are moments dear and bright.
159 The merry dance I dearly love ...

O, this love, this love, this love...

178 When first a poor girl feels love's tender smart..
0, not when other eyes may read

209 When I quitted the cot that stands alone on the
\, lady, I've dreamt of the night after night. 210


O, say not woman's love is bought....

211 When absent from her whom my soul holds most
One night my sweetheart came to woo .....

dear ...

O, yes, dear love, so tenderly....

241 When first Love came to dwell on earth............ 62
0, sweet'tis to wander beside the hushed wave 245 When bidden to the wake or fair

oft o'er the dark and gloomy sea....
247 When evening spreads her modest gray

0, take this rose and let it lie..
270 We'll breathe not a kiss to the tell-tale air

0, summer, thy presence gives warmth to the vale. 280 Within a bower a lady gay

O, long shall I think of the miller's tair daughter .. 299 What is it that drives the red rose from the cheek..

o, be some signal vengeance found ............. 305 Where's the girl can love disdain

On a bank where circling trees .....

306 When o'er the salt ocean pale Luna's beams play.. 185
O, the accents of love, can they ever again
315 When we two parted in silence and tears

Once more I'll tune the vocal shell

Were I obliged to beg iny bread
0, let me hush thy tender fears

323 Where is Ellen, rural beauty..
o, 'tis love, 'tis love, 'tis love (the original)

134 Were it not for these men, we should ne'er do amiss 220
O, bright were the days, for their gloomiest hour 364 When I was a maid.....

0, remember the time in La Mancha's gay shades.. 966 While o'er thy checks desponding maid.

0, you that have the charge of Love .......... 377 We know these troubadours

Of all the girls that are so smart................
496 What can man with woman do

O, Beauty, Beauty, smile no more....... ....... 428 Where Lowestoff waves its yellow corn .

O, Charles, you know not what I love
4351 When faithful lovers meet

Poor Polly was mad and she sighed all alone

When the bee at eve reposes

Pretty, one, on thy soft lip grows
333 Where Dee's soft waters smoothly glide.

Round each hill, and tower, and tree ..... .....
12 When a trembling lover dies

Round youthful Henry's restless bed.

When to lovely woman's power

Receive, dear maid, the warmest sigh
425 When I loved you, I can't but allow

Some years I now have been a maid
20 Wilt thou be mine, fair Caroline

Some girls say of marriage they're always afraid.... 22 Welcome duty, farewell beauty

Sure woman's to be pitied..
40 When youth his fairy reign began..

Slow broke the light and sweet breathed the morn.. Whither, my love, ahl whithier art thou gone... 415
Sly Cupid one day made a little bit of blundering .. 105 When I gazed on a beautiful face

Say, what is more dear to the heart of the brave.... 126 Where wild flowers grow and linnets sing

Soft on the violet bank sleeps the bright moon-beam 194 Ye streams, that round my prison creep

Saw you a gentle youth pass by
183 Young Love found a dial once in a dark shade.

Sweetest flowerets blushing there
208 Ye gentle nymphs and generous dames...

Still the question I must parry:

233 Ye waving woods, oh! soothe my grief..
Some say that a woman is lovelier far.
234 You ask me what sort of a girl I approve..

Softly opes the eye of day..
273 Ye swains, whom radiant beauty moves

Sweetest love, I'll not forget thee ...

276 Young Colin is a gentle swain, beloved by all who
She walks in beauty like the night..
327 know him

Soon these treasures the world shall see
354 Yes, once more that dying strain

She's gentle, she's kind, and such sweetness imparts 381 You say my heart, my too fond heart

Sweet are the dreams of early love
445 Young Love lived once in a humble shed

'Tis not your beauty nor your wit...

3 Ye fair married dames, who so often deplore .. 411
'Though dimpled cheeks may give the light

The morn may shed its sunny ray...

The maiden I love is the theme of my lay


The kiss, dear maid, thy lips have left....
21 Attend all, I pray, to the words l’ve to say

Thou art mine, rose of love, thou art mine...
40 A glass is good and a lass is good ..

The sun its bright rays may withhold, love ...
43 Accept of a song from a very odd man

This cold iinty heart, it is you that have warmed .. 69 Anacreon, they say, was a jolly old blade

The season comes when first we met ......
74 As a club we (localiter in locus).

The bird in yonder cage confined
105 A playhouse of liquor 'tis found

The summer gale that geutly blows
108 As swist as time puts round the glass

Thine am I, ihine am I, my faithful fair

108 As long as our coast shall with whiteness appear. 429
The manly heart with love o'erflowing

A jolly fat friar loved liquor good store

The summer sun was glowing ....
117 Bacchus must now his power resign

The white sail caught the evening ray,
118 Banish sorrow, grief's a folly..

The day was closed, the moon shone bright.
121 Begone, l'll hear no more of love........

'Twas ten o'clock one moonlight night...
124 Bacchus, Jove's delightful boy..

There be none of Beauty's daughters..

Bacchus, assist us to sing thy great glory

The lily enamels the vale
146 By drinking, drive dull care away

The fountains mingle with the river..
156 Come, bind my hair, ye wood-nymphs fair.

'Twas love, 'twas love that made the world
156 Come, thou soul reviving cup

The dew each trembling leaf enwreathed
170 Can any king be half so great

The knight was brave, ihe maid was fair
174 Care, thou canker of our joys

The morn is on the hill....

176 Come, pass round the glass, and let joy fora tiine.. 9:45
This rose to calm my brother's cares

Come, odd fellows, jocund souls

There is a mystic thread of life

199 Come, come, jolly boys, and your bumpers push
Three lovers I boast that are handsome and smart.. 926 round.











Come, brother odd-fellows, attend to my call........ 409 While here Anacreon's chosen sons combine.. 383
Contented I sit with my pint and my pipe....

431 Wich the pleasures of drinking the table will ring.. 997
Drink to her, who long

142 Wine, wine, good wine, good wine........ ....... 402
Dear Tom, this brown jug, that now foams with Wine, thou source of all my pleasure

mild ale

Friend of my soul, this goblet sip.

Flow, thou regal purple stream..
59 At the peaceful midnight hour. (A Parody)

Fill the bowl with streams of pleasure

A woman is like to, but stay
Gay Bacchus one evening inviting his friends.... 375 A short farewell to smoke and noise

Give me wine, rosy wine, that foe to despair. 417 Adoo and farewell to this wile smoky town

He that will not merry merry be

A blacksniith, you'll own, is so clever.

Here, Bacchus, here's to thee....
85 A prime cook, my masters and servants, am I

Here's to the maiden of bashful fifteen
206 At Dunmow there's a fitch of bacon

Had Neptune, when first he took charge of the sea 252 Amo amas, I love a lass

Had I the tun which Bacchus used
256 A master I have and I am his man...........

How bright are the joys of the table
395 A wanton widow, old and sour..

If gold could lengthen life, I swear
64 Across the downs this morning,

I am a friar of orders gray
73 At hoine where I was born and bred

I love to see the flowing bowl
76 Away with those pour married fellows...

In battle some for glory seek
148 A vorthy cit von Vitsunday

If sadly thinking with spirits sinking

171 A mail-coach adventure's the theme of my song.... 134
I'm a vot'ry of Bacchus, his godship adore.

An obstinate man had a scold for his wife

It has long been agreed by all persons of learning 307 As the guests high or low, at Meurice's ....

I loved a maid, she proved unkind


As you've all called upon me to give you a song..... 179
If life is a bubble and breaks with a blast

A hero's life I sing....

In early life I got a wife

A traveller stopped at a widow's gate .........

Jolly mortals, fill your glasses
139 A charming girl was Peggy Tart

Jolly Bacchus, god of wine.
435 As an old jack-daw and a young jack daw

Let every glass be filled around.

39 An odd-fellow's a fellow of whim and of sport ... 215
Life's a bumper filled by fate.

58 A landlady of France she loved an officer 'iis said.... 225
Life is darkened o'er with woe .........
62 A fond husband will after a conjugal strife.

Let lovers sing of roses sweet
122 A footman so dapper

Let every jovial guest unite ....
176 A parish-clerk was Johnny Bell...

Let's be merry with jest and song.
200 All blown up by valour for glory we go

Let the waiter bring clean glasses.
221 As probation some marriage have spoke

Love enchanting source of smiles
236 At Cork there lived a brazier

Let freemasons boast of their early got fame

243 A maiden of Manchester lived in a cellar low.. 279
Let no draught than claret weaker
295 At Mecca where Mahomet swings in the air.

Let sons of slaughter try their skill ..........
324 A dandy is like who can say

Let us be cheerful while we can...

A little old woman her living got...

Let's drink, my friend, while here we live

365 A cobbler I am and no jobs I refuse ................ 302
Let a set of sober asses
422 At the sign of the Whistle and Wig.

Merry mantling social bowl...

34 A captain bold in Halifax that dwelt in country
My temples with clusters of grapes I'll entwine 1 29 quarters

Once the gods of the Greeks at an ambrosial feast.. 55 A soldier and a sailor once..

O my heart is delighted to see
1 24 A queer little man, very how came you so

Our vicar still preaches that Peter and Ponle
124 All the world's a stage says the poet..

Oh the days when I was young,
158 A man was born one day..

On Olympus' high hill, when Jove sat at a feast... 363

As all travellers may

Oh, where's the use of being sad
406 A cobbler there was and he lived in a stall

Provisions they are hard to meet...
203 An ugly old man loved a pretty maid

Pale faces, staud by.........

320 At the very best of houses, where the best of people
Push round the heart-enlivening bowl, boys.... 335 dine

Push, jovial souls, the glasses round...
427 A council of mice.

Some sigh for ambition, and others for pleasure 91 Around the face of blue-eyed Sue

Since the first dawn of reason that beamed on my Alas! Queen Ann, she keeps no bed..


At the sign of the horse...

Some folks in my place now would tipple and drink 175 A scholar one time, though I can't tell you when 369
Set the goblets briskly flowing
207 A maiden there lived in a large market-town

Some cry up your mettlesome steeds

220 An assembly-ball, delight of all
Taste, Oh taste, this spicy wine
109 A priest of Kajaga as blind as a stone

The glasses sparkle on the board
117 A cobbler I am, and my name is Dick Awl..

To Venus and Bacchus, those spirits divine... 154 A lottery, a lottery

They tell me I've proved unkind to my lass
179 As the punishment of crime

To Anacreon in heaven, where he sat in full glee 219 At dawn of day when other folks.....

The bards, we're told, in ancient lore
231 Believe me, believe me, in country or town

The women all tell me I'm false to my lass

263 Baron Donderdronkdickdorff said one summer's day 57
Though my voice can't enchant like the syrens of old 294 Billy Taylor was a gay young fellow

The cloth taken out and fresh liquor brought in 297 Billy Crow loved Miss Vatson, a girl to his mind 91
Through deserts we roam, yet fat plenty we find 299 Bazaars have long since had their day

The sparkling wine's enchanting glow

300 Believe me, if all the fly vans on the earth............ 173
'Tis holiday time, and we'll get as drunk as you By pert younkers I am told


300 By trade I am a turner, and Mug it is my name .... 382
The waves may foam, the winds may roar
360 By the world it is said

"T'is true when first the rosy dawn ...

360 Come, ladies and gents, I've a song ready made... 23
Through life what strange fancies we mortals pursue 421 Come, all you heroes that delight.

Would you wish, my jovial hearts.

20 Come, listen, good friends, as I wish you to hear.. 29
We'll then with jovial spirits join.

23 Come, folks, come to my phrenologic lecturing.... 57
Whenl'm dead,on my tombstone I hope they will say 44 Come, listen to a whimmy chant

With an honesi old friend and a meriy old song .... Come, young men and maidens, and likewise your
Wine, wine, in a morning makes us frolic and gay.. 98


What Cato advises most certainly wise is
143 Come, bustle, neighbour Sprig.

When I drain the rosy bowl
155 Charming Poll, O hear me raving

When Bacchus, jolly god, invites...

163 Come, none of your nonsense, I'm not to be had 312
When heaven to soften human care .....
924 Come, you are all invited

Welcome, fair ladies, who honour our home
295 Come, neighbours, haste away....

When Jove was resolved to create the round earth 274 Come here, ye lovyers all now, and listen to my tale 363
What is life? a fickle ocean....

278 Come, comē, walk in, here's the wonderful mena-
When fumes of wine ascend into my brain


When Time, who steals our years away
308 Come, ye candidates for Momus..

Wine from rosy goblets streaming
911 Come on, all ye knowing kids

With my pipe in one hand and my jug in the other 334 Dear cousin, I write this in haste
What is wine within the bottle
355 Dame Nature one day, in a comical mood

With rapture proclaim the benevolent cause

376 From tending a sty I'm now master's head man 94
While nostrums are held out to cure each disease .. 378 Four-and-twenty barbers sat 'em down to dine......





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