Statutes of Alberta

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Queen's Printer for Alberta, 1908

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Strana 161 - and delivery of traffic upon and from the line of railway belonging to or worked by such companies respectively, and the company shall not make or give undue or unreasonable preference or advantage to or in favour of any particular person or company, or any particular description of traffic in any respect whatsoever, nor shall
Strana 169 - and the same to sell, alienate, exchange and otherwise dispose of or incumber whensoever the said corporation shall deem it proper so to do and by the same name shall and may be capable to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto in any manner whatsoever. 2. The constitution, rules and regulations
Strana 149 - on behalf of the said corporation by any agent, officer or servant of the corporation in general accordance with his powers as such under the by-laws of the corporation shall be binding upon the corporation and in no case shall it be necessary to have the seal of the corporation affixed to any such contract, agreement,
Strana 14 - things as the commissioners may deem requisite to the full investigation of the matters into which they are appointed to inquire; and the commissioners shall have the same power to enforce the attendance of witnesses and to compel them to give evidence as is vested in any court of record in civil cases.
Strana 52 - clerical work, or otherwise, and whether the contract is expressed or implied, is oral or in writing; Any reference to a workman who has been injured shall, where the workman is dead, include a reference to his legal personal representative or to his dependants or other person to whom or for whose benefit compensation is payable;
Strana 143 - Where the occupier of a shop is charged with an offence against any such by-law he shall be entitled, upon information duly laid by him, to have any other person whom he charges as the actual offender brought before the court at the time appointed for hearing the
Strana 60 - after the second week not exceeding fifty per cent, of his average weekly earnings during the previous twelve months, if he has been so long employed, but if not then for any less period during which he has been in the employment of the same employer, such weekly payment not to exceed ten dollars:
Strana 52 - Dependants" means such of the members of the workman's family as were wholly or in part dependent upon the earnings of the workman at the time of his death, or would but for the incapacity due to the accident have been so dependent,
Strana 61 - qualified medical practitioner provided and paid by the employer, and, if he refuses to submit himself to such examination, or in any way obstructs the same, his right to compensation, and to take or prosecute any proceeding under this Act in relation to compensation, shall

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