The Incorporated Self: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Embodiment

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Michael O'Donovan-Anderson
Rowman & Littlefield, 1996 - Počet stran: 165
The Incorporated Self demonstrates that although embodiment has long been a central concern of the theoretical humanities, embodiment's potential to alter epistemology and open up new areas of non-dualistic inquiry has not been pursued far enough. This anthology collects the works of scholars from a broad range of disciplines, each examining the nature of the body and the necessity of embodiment to the human experience--for our self awareness, sense of identity, and the workings of the mind. The essays offer a sustained attack on Cartesian dualism and methodological positivism. The Incorporated Self is suitable for undergraduate and graduate seminars on mind-body relations, the psychology of perception, the nature of thought, and questions of social, political, and individual identity. This interdisciplinary book is an important work for philosophers, literary theorists, historians, sociologists and psychologists.

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Darwinian Bodies Against Institutionalized Metaphysical Dualism
The Ghost of Embodiment Is the Body a Natural or a Cultural Entity?
Phantoms Lost Limbs and the Limits of the BodySelf
Identity and the Subject in Performance Body Self and Social World
What Meaning in Her Breast? Ambivalence of the Body as Sign and Site of Identity in Beloved and The Woman Warrior
Hamlet Nietzsche and Visceral Knowledge
Living Words Physiognomy and Aesthetic Language
The Mindful Body Embodiment and Cognitive Science
Science and Things On Scientific Method as Embodied Access to the World
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O autorovi (1996)

Michael O'Donovan-Anderson is assistant professor of philosophy at Stonehill College. His articles have appeared in the Yale Political Monthly, Lyceum, Humanities, and Environmental Action.

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