Notes on North America, Agricultural, Economical, and Social, Svazek 1

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W. Blackwood and Sons, 1851 - Počet stran: 415
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Strana 137 - I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Strana 115 - Having provided himself with a home, he commenced translating the record, by the gift and power of God, through the means of the Urim and Thummim ; and being a poor writer, he was under the necessity of employing a scribe to write the translation as it came from his mouth.
Strana 115 - a curious instrument, called by the ancients the Urim and Thummim, which consisted of two transparent stones, clear as crystal, set in the two rims of a bow.
Strana 92 - From fifty to sixty dollars an acre is the highest price which farms bring here ; and if twenty-five dollars an acre were expended upon any of it, the price in the market would not rise in proportion. Or if forty-dollar land should actually be improved onefourth by thorough-drainage, it would still, it is said, not be more valuable than that which now sells at fifty dollars ; so that the improver would be a loser to the extent of fifteen dollars an acre. This argument will appear to have greater...
Strana 238 - An inventory. and made them unload ; but a multitude of the burgesses resisting, and being too strong for them, every one in his own tenement now collects his dung in a heap, and the poor sell theirs when and to whom they choose.
Strana 81 - In the lumber regions of Maine, it is customary for men of different logging camps to appoint days for helping each other in rolling the logs to the river after they are felled and trimmed, this rolling being about the hardest work incident to the business. Thus the men of three or four different camps will unite, say on Monday, to roll for camp No.
Strana 81 - Onoudaga will vote in turn for St Lawrence's plank road. " This is legislative log-rolling ; and there is abundance of it carried on at Albany every winter. " Generally speaking, the subject of the log-rolling is some merely local project, interesting only to the people of a certain district ; but sometimes there is party log-rolling, where the Whigs, for instance, will come to an understanding with the Democrats, that the former shall not oppose a certain Democratic measure merely on party grounds,...
Strana 4 - s uneven, or wavy, like the swell of the sea in a calm, and is covered with short, thin, dry, coarse grass, and dotted here and there with a half-starved birch and a stunted misshapen spruce. It is jest...
Strana 15 - ... directly or indirectly, colonial land had been cleared and prepared for the plough. But such an export trade in the large could only be temporary. Land cleared of timber does not soon cover itself again with a new growth of merchantable trees. Every year carried the scene of the woodmen's labours farther up the main rivers, and into more remote creeks and tributaries, adding to the labour of procuring and to the cost of the logs when brought to the place of shipment. Hence, prices must rise at...
Strana 130 - America. Mark his own admission, a little further ther on : — ' I would not be so rash as to say that the wheatproducing powers of the region east of Lake Erie, and south of the St. Lawrence, will never be much greater than it is now ; I believe it may become, and I hope the time may soon arrive when more skill and knowledge shall have forced it to become, far more productive, as a whole, than it is now.

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