A Past in Hiding: Memory and Survival in Nazi Germany

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Macmillan, 6. 4. 2002 - Počet stran: 491
Winner of the Mark Lynton History Prize
A Los Angeles Times Best Book
A Koret Jewish Book Award Finalist

A Past in Hiding is a survivor story and historical investigation that offers new insight into daily life in the Third Reich and the powers and pitfalls of memory. At the outbreak of World War II, Marianne Strauss, the sheltered daughter of well-to-do German Jews, was an ordinary girl, concerned with her studies, friends, and romance. Almost overnight she was transformed into a woman of spirit and defiance, a fighter who, when the Gestapo came for her family, seized the moment and went underground. On the run for two years, Marianne traveled across Nazi Germany with false papers, aided by a remarkable resistance organization, previously unknown and unsung.

Drawing on an astonishing cache of photographs, letters, diaries, and documents, as well as interviews on three continents, historian Mark Roseman reconstructs Marianne's odyssey and the fortunes of her friends and family, revealing aspects of life in the Third Reich long hidden from view. Here are letters from Marianne's fiance, deported to the little-known Izbica ghetto; Gestapo records of the special protection that the Strausses and other well-placed Jews received from the Wehrmacht's intelligence division, and of Adolf Eichmann's decision to deport them nonetheless; Marianne's diary of her years on the run; and rare communications from Thereisenstadt and Auschwitz that track the fate of her parents.

As Roseman excavates the past, he puts forward a new and sympathetic interpretation of the troubling discrepancies between fact and recollection that so often cloud survivors' accounts. A detective story, a love story, a story of great courage and survival in the harshest conditions, A Past In Hiding is also a poignant investigation into the nature of memory, authenticity, and truth.

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A PAST IN HIDING: Memory and Survival in Nazi Germany

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The compelling story of a young Jewish woman who hid in Germany under the noses of the Nazis from 1943 to 1945.Roseman (History/Univ. of Southhampton) has unearthed the remarkable life of Marianne ... Přečíst celou recenzi

The past in hiding

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Roseman (modern history, Univ. of Southampton) examines the life of Marianne Strauss Ellenbogen, a German who survived the Holocaust. Through the heroism of a German officer, Ellenbogen got word from ... Přečíst celou recenzi


Childhood in a GermanJewish Family
Schoolgirl in the Third Reich
Shattered Glass Shattered Lives
Blossoming in a Harsh Climate
The Family the Gestapo the Abwehr and the Banker
Love Letters in the Holocaust
Report from Izbica
Deportations Death and the Bund
Underground Chronicles April 1944April 1945
Living amid the Ruins
The Fate of Mariannes Family
Living with a Past in Hiding

The Escape
Memories Underground August 1943Spring 1944

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Mark Roseman teaches modern history at the University of Southampton in England and has published widely on many aspects of twentieth-century German history. He lives in Birmingham, England.

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