History of Oakland County Michigan: A Narrative Account of Its Historic Progress, Its People, Its Principal Interests, Svazek 1

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Lewis Publishing Company, 1912 - Počet stran: 906

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Strana 401 - OLD Grimes is dead, that good old man, We ne'er shall see him more ; He used to wear a long black coat, All buttoned down before.
Strana 122 - An act providing for the sale of the Lands of the United States in the territory northwest of the Ohio, and above the mouth of the Kentucky River...
Strana 229 - The proceeds of all lands that have been or hereafter may be granted by ;the United States to this State, for the support of schools, which...
Strana 114 - Circuit Courts shall have original jurisdiction in all matters, civil and criminal, not excepted in this Constitution, and not prohibited by law; and appellate jurisdiction from all inferior courts and tribunals, and a supervisory control of the same.
Strana 228 - That sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in every township of public lands in said State, and where either of said sections, or any part thereof, has been sold or otherwise disposed of, other lands, equivalent thereto, and as contiguous as may be, shall be granted to said State for the use of schools.
Strana 217 - The legislature shall provide by law for the establishment of at least one library in each township and city; and all fines assessed and collected in the several counties, cities and townships for any breach of the penal laws shall be exclusively applied to the support of such libraries.
Strana 217 - The proceeds from the sales of all lands that have been or hereafter may be granted by the United States to the State for educational purposes, and the proceeds of all lands or other property given by individuals or appropriated by the State for like purposes...
Strana 302 - States, after fifteen years from the date of their issue, and bearing interest at the rate of four and a half per cent.
Strana 114 - The judicial power shall be vested in one supreme court, circuit courts, probate courts, justices of the peace and such other courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction, inferior to the supreme court, as the legislature may establish by general law, by a two-thirds vote of the members elected to each house.
Strana 227 - The first school law of the Territory, enacted in 1827, ordained " that the citizens of any township, having fifty householders, shall provide themselves with a schoolmaster of good morals, to teach the children to read and write.

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