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A Dissertation presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School
of Yale University in Candidacy for the Degree of
Doctor of Philosophy

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Although Volpone has always been ranked by critics as one of the greatest of Jonson's comedies, it has not been edited so often as some of the others. The present edition attempts to indicate certain new material as to the sources, and thereby help in the understanding of various passages, and also of the purpose of the play as a whole.

In editing the comedy, use has been made of an unpublished manuscript edition by Lucius H. Holt in the Yale University Library, as well as of the various printed editions. The editor has tried to assign credit in the notes for all material of the various editions used.

I am glad of the opportunity to express my thanks to the Elizabethan Club of Yale University for the use of their copy of the Quarto of 1607; and to the officials of the Boston. Public Library, the Library of Congress, and the libraries of Yale, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and the British Museum for bibliographical help. My especial thanks are due to Professor Albert S. Cook for his helpful and stimulating criticism and suggestion, always generously and kindly given.

A portion of the expense of printing this dissertation has been borne by the English Club of Yale University, from a contribution made through the kindness of Mrs. Charles G. Morris (Ph.D. Yale, 1898).


April 15, 1919.

J. D. R.

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