Decisions of the Employees' Compensation Appeals Board, Svazky 26–27

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Strana 115 - ... earnings of the injured employee and of other employees of the same or most similar class working in the same or most similar employment in the same or neighboring locality, shall reasonably represent the annual earning capacity of the injured employee in the employment in which he was working at the time of the accident.
Strana 16 - It shall be unlawful for any person — (1) who is under indictment for, or who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year; (2) who is a fugitive from justice; (3) who is an unlawful user of or addicted to marihuana or any depressant or stimulant drug (as defined in section...
Strana 333 - But nothing in this act contained shall be construed to deprive the people of Georgia of the right to an election for members of the general assembly of said State, as provided for in the Constitution thereof; and nothing in this or any other act of Congress shall be construed to affect the term to which any officer has been appointed or any member of the general assembly elected as prescribed by the Constitution of the State of Georgia.
Strana 41 - Sunday work, to an employee in a position requiring him regularly to remain at, or within the confines of, his station during longer than ordinary periods of duty, a substantial part of which consists of remaining in a standby status rather than performing work.
Strana 28 - If an injury or death for which compensation is payable under this subchapter is caused under circumstances creating a legal liability in a person other than the United States to pay damages, and a beneficiary entitled to compensation from the United States for that...
Strana 90 - The officers and members of the crew shall be subject only to the orders of the Master. All such persons shall be paid in the customary manner with funds provided by the United States hereunder.
Strana 480 - ... administrative workweek, or (with the exception of an employee engaged in professional or technical engineering or scientific activities for whom the first 40 hours of duty in an administrative workweek is the basic workweek and an employee whose basic pay exceeds the minimum rate for GS-10...
Strana 115 - ... annual earning capacity of the injured employee in the employment in which he was working at the time of the injury having regard to the previous earnings of the employee in Federal employment, and of other employees...
Strana 141 - incidental to the employment' when it belongs to, or is connected with, what a workman has- to do in fulfilling his contract of service.
Strana 387 - ... official superior shall furnish to the employee a Form CA-4 for the purpose of claiming compensation, and shall advise the employee of his or her rights under the Act. (d) Claims for compensation for permanent disability which involve the loss, or loss of use, of a member or function of the body, or loss, or loss of use of any other important external or internal organ of the body excluding the heart, brain, and back, as listed in 5 USC 8107 (see § 10.304), shall be filed on Form CA-4 or CA-7...

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