An Arctic Voyage to Baffin's Bay and Lancaster Sound: In Search of Friends with Sir John Franklin

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John Van Voorst, 1850 - Počet stran: 152
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Strana 30 - Fired with a zeal peculiar, they defy The rage and rigour of a polar sky, And plant successfully sweet Sharon's rose On icy plains, and in eternal snows.
Strana 17 - As they strengthen, many of them coalesce, and form a larger mass. The undulations of the sea still continuing, these enlarged pieces strike each other on every side, whereby they become rounded, and their edges turned up, whence they obtain the name of cakes or pancakes ; several of these again unite, and thereby continue to increase, forming larger flakes, until they become, perhaps, a foot in thickness, and many yards in circumference.
Strana 51 - And, hark! the lengthening roar continuous runs Athwart the rifted deep: at once it bursts, And piles a thousand mountains to the clouds. Ill fares the bark with trembling wretches charged, That, tossed amid the floating fragments, moors Beneath the shelter of an icy isle, While night o'erwhelms the sea, and horror looks More horrible. Can human force endure Th...
Strana 45 - ... the cries of two hundred sailors leaping upon the frozen surface, with only such portions of their wardrobe as they could snatch in a single instant. The Rattler is said to have become the most complete wreck almost ever known. She was literally turned inside out, and her stem and stern carried to the distance of a gunshot from each other. The Achilles had her sides nearly pressed together, her stern thrust out, her decks and beams broken into innu merable pieces. The Ville de Dieppe...
Strana 43 - W., about forty miles to the southward of Cape York. They ranged themselves under the shelter of a large and rugged floe, having water barely sufficient to float them. Here they formed a majestic line behind each other, standing stem to stern so close as to afford a continued...

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