Elements of Useful Knowledge: Vol. I. Containing a Historical and Geographical Account of the United States; for the Use of Schools

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Hudson and Goodwin, 1812 - Počet stran: 208

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Strana 131 - December 11, 1719, when they were remarkably bright, and as people in general had never heard of such a phenomenon, they were extremely alarmed with the apprehension of the approach of the final judgment. All amusements, all business, and even sleep, was interrupted, for want of a little knowledge of history.
Strana 65 - Mississippi, being, the first European that had discovered that vast river. After a long march into the country westward, in which Soto died, the remains of. his troops returned to the Mississippi. Here they built a number of small vessels, in which they sailed down the stream, and made the best of their way to Panuco, in Mexico, where they arrived in September, 1543. In this extraordinary expedition, of more than four years...
Strana 1 - Many of the most useful sciences and arts are not taught at all, or very imperfectly — nor have we books well calculated for the purpose. Most of the books now used in schools for reading are composed of solemn didactic discourses, general lessons of morality, or detached pages of history. These are indeed useful; but may not children read for common lessons the known and established principles in philosophy, natural history, botany, rhetoric, mechanics, and other...

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