Reports of Cases in Law and Equity, Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, in the Year ..., Svazek 52

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Edward O. Jenkins, 1875

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Strana 600 - Mortgages not recorded within the time required remain valid as against the mortgagor, but are postponed to all other liens created or obtained, or purchases made prior to the actual record of the mortgage. If, however, the younger lien is created by contract, and the party receiving it has notice of the prior unrecorded mortgage, or the purchaser has the like notice, then the lien of the older mortgage shall be held good against them.
Strana 534 - AB, as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said...
Strana 183 - These rules are two : the first, that the onus probandi lies in every case upon the party propounding a will, and he must satisfy the conscience of the Court that the instrument so propounded is the last will of a free and capable testator.
Strana 199 - acquiescence or silence, when the circumstances require an answer or denial or other conduct, may amount to an admission.
Strana 390 - Provided, that in actions where one of the original parties to the contract or cause of action in issue and on trial is dead...
Strana 92 - ... and because the verdict was contrary to the law and the evidence.
Strana 390 - that whoever drew blood in the streets should be punished with the utmost severity,' did not extend to the surgeon who opened the vein of a person that fell down in the street in a fit.
Strana 479 - It did not make the judgments of other States domestic judgments to all intents and purposes, but only gave a general validity, faith and credit to them as evidence.
Strana 534 - ... to his and their own proper use, benefit and behoof forever in fee simple.
Strana 462 - The assured may direct the money to be paid to his personal representative, or to his widow, or to his children, or to his assignee; and upon such direction given, and assented to by the insurer, no other person can defeat the same. But the assignment is good without such assent.

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