The German-Jewish Dialogue: An Anthology of Literary Texts, 1749-1993

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Ritchie Robertson
Oxford University Press, 1999 - Počet stran: 382
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'I love the German character more than anything else in the world, and my breast is an archive of German song' So wrote Heinrich Heine in 1824, adding: 'It is likely that my Muse gave her German dress something of a foreign cut from annoyance with the German character'. Here Heine sums up the ambivalent emotions of Jews who felt at home in German culture and yet, even in the age of emancipation, foundGermany less than welcoming. This anthology illustrates the history of Jews in Germany from the eighteenth century, when it was first proposed to give Jews civil rights, to the 1990's and the problems of living after the Holocaust. The texts include short stories, plays, poems, essays, letters anddiary entries, all chosen for their literary merit as well as the light they shed on the relations between Jews in Germany and Austria and their Gentile fellow-citizens. Ritchie Robertson's lucid introduction provides the necessary historical context and his translations make available in Englishin some cases for the first time - both Jewish writers on various aspects of Jewish experience and responses of Gentile writers to the Jews in their midst. Each is introduced by a short illuminating preface.

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G E LESSING The Jews 1749
MOSES MENDELSSOHN Reply to Lavater 1769
RAHEL LEVIN and DAVID VEIT Correspondence 17935 95959
HEINRICH HEINE Jehuda ben Halevy 1851
KARL EMIL FRANZOS Schiller in Barnow 1876
THEODOR HERZL An Autobiography 1898
ELSE LASKERSCHÜLER From Hebrew Ballads 1913
FRANZ KAFKA Jackals and Arabs 1917
ELSE LASKERSCHÜLER The WonderWorking Rabbi
KARL KRAUS Third Walpurgis Night extracts 1933
NELLY SACHS Four Poems 194758
FRANZ FÜHMANN The Jews Car 1962
MAXIM BILLER Robots 1990
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Ritchie Robertson is Reader in German at Oxford University and Fellow of St John's College, Oxford.

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