The Wisconsin State Constitution: A Reference Guide

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Greenwood Press, 1997 - Počet stran: 272

This volume will familiarize the reader with the Wisconsin state constitution, the document's history, its ratification, and the major amendments in their historical perspective. An analytical commentary on the current constitution, section by section, makes up the heart of the book. A table of cases, bibliography, and index complete this unique reference survey, which is designed for students and teachers, scholars and experts, and lawyers in the fields of legal studies, state and local government, and American history.

This work focuses on the current status of Wisconsin constitutional law. Along with the close analysis of the constitution, the author looks at the litigation that has followed, with particular emphasis on how the courts' interpretations have affected its meaning. The final chapter includes topics that are not confined to a particular section of the constitution: the public purpose doctrine, the priority of constitutional provisions, apparent grants of legislative power, and the interpretation of the constitution.

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O autorovi (1997)

JACK STARK is Assistant Chief Counsel in the Legislative Reference Bureau for the State of Wisconsin. He is the author of numerous books, monographs and articles, among which is The Uniformity Clause of the Wisconsin Constitution (Marquette Law Review), the only exhaustive study of that section of the Wisconsin constitution.

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