The Fortune Hunter, Or, The Adventures of a Man about Town: A Novel of New York Society

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J. Winchester, New World Press, 1844 - Počet stran: 108

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Strana 88 - Meantime I seek no sympathies, nor need — The thorns which I have reaped are of the tree I planted, — they have torn me, — and I bleed : I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.
Strana 67 - I want a warm and faithful friend To cheer the adverse hour, Who ne'er to flatter will descend, Nor bend the knee to power — A friend to chide me when I'm wrong. My inmost soul to see; And that my friendship prove as strong " For him as his for me. I want a kind and tender heart, For others...
Strana 78 - Thro' those windings and that shade. Give me there (since Heaven has shown It was not good to be alone) A partner suited to my mind, Solitary, pleas'd, and kind ; Who, partially, may something see Preferr'd to all the world in me ; Slighting, by my humble side, Fame and splendor, wealth and pride.
Strana 27 - ... Speak lower ; we are just home. Bid me a hasty good night; I am afraid that that is Mrs. Lemming at the window." " You shall not thus fear her long, loveliest and best beloved ! " " Hush ! hush ! " whispered Arria, timidly. " Leave me now, I beg of you." " Adieu, then, mine own Arria — mine for ever ! " " Adieu, de— dear Edgar!" She had hardly uttered the words before the door opened and she sprang into the house. But they resounded in Edgar's ears when he sought his pillow that night ; in...
Strana 27 - I have not, then, deceived myself!" murmured Edgar, in a voice tremulous with happiness. " You listen to me — you do not turn away? You — oh ! you have been all the world to me, and you permit me to hope that I am something to you. The thought of you, Arria, has for many anxious months formed my whole happiness. Do you believe it in my power to form yours? Will you trust it in my keeping?" " If I can always make you feel as joyful as now, my happiness will be secured,
Strana 54 - Have you done, Rachel?" said Esther with dignity. "Methinks there is less poetry than fiction and grossness in your similies, but they pass by me, like ' The idle wind, which I respect not.
Strana 97 - Come here, my sweet girl ! Seat thee by me, For there is a good spirit on thy lips. Thy mother praised to me thy ready skill : She says a voice of melody dwells in thee, Which doth enchant the soul. Now such a voice Will drive away from me the evil demon That beats his black wings close above my head.
Strana 27 - I indeed secured so myself such a life-long source of joy ! I can hardly credit my own happiness. Ah ! Arria, will you never repent that you consented to become the light of the poor student's home ? " " Shall I ever love him less ? You question my love when you ask." " I would as soon question" " Hush ! Speak lower ; we are just home.
Strana 27 - ... make me believe ? And what have I to offer in return ? " Edgar fancied he heard Arria breathe " your love ! " — but it was the expression of her countenance rather than the movement of her lips which conveyed the idea. " I have only the wealth of the heart to lay at your feet...
Strana 26 - ... Cinderella — for the hour at which I was order at which I promised to return, has already struck. Had we not better make haste ? " "Must you, then, abridge a pleasure which I have so seldom enjoyed — so long anticipated, that of acting as your protector, and being alone with you ? " said he, in a tremulous voice. Arria replied not, but her step — perhaps unconsciously — became slower. More than a square further they walked in perfect silence. " Arria !

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