Symons's Meteorological Magazine, Svazky 35–37

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Edward Stanford, 1901

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Strana 54 - President, in the chair. The following gentlemen were elected Fellows of the Society : Rev.
Strana 80 - Cochabambo. 10. Cool and moderately damp. — Vienna, Melbourne, Toronto, Chicago. 11. Cool and dry. — Tashkent, Simla, Cheyenne. 12. Cool and very dry. — Yarkand, Denver. 13. Cold (temperature 32° or less) and very damp. — Ben Nevis, Sagastyr, Godthaab. 14. Cold and moderately damp. — Tomsk, Pike's Peak, Polaris House. 15. Cold and dry. — 16. Cold and very dry. — Pamir. The actual mean temperature of the earth amounted, according to his computation, to 57°...
Strana 176 - ... motions in the higher latitudes and the westerly ones in the lower latitudes, in the one case, correspond to the cyclonic in the interior and the anticyclonic in the exterior part, and the belt of high pressure near the tropics to that of high pressure in the case of any cyclone with a cold centre. . . . The centre of a cyclone with a cold centre may or may not have a minimum pressure, according to circumstances.
Strana 17 - ... becomes higher and the low pressure is not so low as usual. 2. Further, this short-period variation, which appears in the mean variation of pressure over the whole of India, is as well defined in the mean values for individual stations, such as Bombay (fig.
Strana 17 - ... seeing whether similar variations, indicating changes in the solar activity, could be detected. 5. A preliminary reduction of the Italian observations of prominences observed on the sun's limb since 1871 was first undertaken. The result of this inquiry indicates that, in addition to the main epochs of maximum and minimum of prominences, which coincide in time with those of maximum and minimum of the total spotted area, there are prominent subsidiary maxima and minima having a similar short period...
Strana 80 - Bay, Arica. 6. Warm and moderately damp: Lisbon, Rome, Damascus, Tokio, New Orleans. 7. Warm and dry: Cairo, Algiers, Kimberley. 8. Warm and very dry: Mexico, Teheran. 9. Cool (33° to 57°) and very damp: Greenwich, Cochabamba.
Strana 18 - In the author's opinion the results show that a fall of temperature of the air does not act primarily to cause an anticyclone but a cyclone, and the anticyclone is a secondary phenomenon or rather a part of the cyclone. He also says that " the eclipse cyclone has suggested a new theory of the diurnal barometric waves, and also suggested explanations of certain phenomena of ordinary cyclones and anticyclones.
Strana 19 - ... pendulum of the seismograph swings steadily to the eastward, completely masking any diurnal fluctuations that might have existed, as the storm area approaches ; and in the event of it being followed by an important high area, the pendulum will begin to swing towards the westward before it is possible to ascertain the position of this area on the current Weather Charts.
Strana 177 - Hourly means of the readings obtained from the self-recording instruments at the five observatories under the Meteorological Council, 1891, 1892, 4to.
Strana 105 - Berlin, is, at the present time, the most completely equipped establishment of the kind in the world. The systematic exploration of the atmosphere above the continent of Europe has been in progress for several years, under the direction of an International Committee of which I am the American member. Ascents of manned balloons, and of balloons, carrying recording instruments only, to still greater heights, are now made each month in France, Germany, Austria, and Russia, and kites are used to supplement...

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