The Vanguard

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J. P. Crantz., 1853 - Počet stran: 84
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Strana 12 - With cheerfulness the eighteen-pence he paid, And proudly to himself, in whispers, said, "This rascal stole the razors, I suppose. " No matter if the fellow le a knave, Provided that the razors shave; It certainly will be a monstrous prize.
Strana 17 - The quality of mercy is not strain'd ; It droppeth, as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath : it is twice bless'd ; It blesseth him that gives, and him that takes : 'Tis mightiest in the mightiest ; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown...
Strana 72 - ... breaking. And flinging up to heaven its sunlit spray, Tossing huge continents in scornful play, And crushing them, with din of grinding thunder, That makes old emptinesses stare in wonder ; The memory of a glory passed away Lingers in every heart, as, in the shell, Resounds the bygone freedom of the sea, And every hour new signs of promise tell, That the great soul shall once again be free, For high, and yet more high, the murmurs swell Of inward strife for truth and liberty.
Strana 12 - tis fun That people flay themselves out of their lives. You rascal! for an hour have I been grubbing Giving my whiskers here a scrubbing, With razors just like oyster-knives. Sirrah! I tell you you're a knave, To cry up razors that can't shave!" "Friend," quoth the razor-man, "I'm not a knave; As for the razors you have bought, Upon my soul, I never thought That they would shave.
Strana 24 - tis that you are not in pain ; What Power hath work'da wonder for your toes : Whilst /just like a Snail am crawling, Now swearing, now on Saints devoutly bawling, While not a rascal comes to ease my woes ? " How is't that you can like a Greyhound go, Merry as if that nought had happen'd, burn ye?"— " Why," cried the other grinning, " you must know, That just before I ventured on my journey, To walk a little more at ease, I took the liberty to boil my Peas.
Strana 24 - The knaves set off on the same day, Peas in their shoes, to go and pray; But very different was their speed, I wot: One of the sinners galloped on, Light as a bullet from a gun; The other limped as if he had been shot. One saw the Virgin, soon peccavi...
Strana 29 - II., nor for the sake of the republic that the workmen of Lyons had risen. The insurrection had this time a far other and more formidable character and scope. For it was a sanguinary demonstration of the economical vices of the industrial regime inaugurated in 1789; it was a revelation of the baseness and hypocrisy lurking in that specious system of leaving unrestricted all pecuniary dealings between man and man, which leaves the poor man at the mercy of the rich, and promises to cupidity that waits...
Strana 24 - A nostrum famous in old popish times For purifying souls that stunk with crimes, A sort of apostolic salt, That popish parsons for its powers exalt, For keeping souls of sinners sweet, Just as our kitchen salt keeps meat.
Strana 24 - And in a fair white wig looked wondrous fine. Fifty long miles had those sad rogues to travel, With something in their shoes much worse than graveL In short, their toes so gently to amuse, The priest had ordered peas into their shoes...
Strana 12 - His muzzle, form'd of opposition stuff, Firm as a Foxite, would not lose its ruff; So kept it — laughing at the steel and suds. Hodge, in a passion, stretch'd his angry jaws, Vowing the direst vengeance, with clench'd claws, On the vile CHEAT that sold the goods. "Razors! a vile, confounded dog! — "Not fit to scrape a hog!

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