The American Educational Review, Svazek 34,Vydání 2

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American Educational Company, 1913

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Strana 635 - the Finest and Beit Inks and Adhesive* Emancipate yourself from the use of corrosive and ill-smelling inks and adhesives and adopt the Hlgglns Inks and Adhesives. They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally.
Strana 536 - people;" Lincoln, who viewed education as "the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in;" Charles Sumner, Calvin Wiley, who considered it the lasting honor of his State that "her public schools survived the terrible
Strana 636 - Opposite State House BOSTON, - - MASS. Offers rooms with hot and cold water for $1.00 per day and up, which includes free use of public shower baths. Nothing to Equal This in New England Rooms with private baths for $1.50 per day and up; suites of two rooms and bath for $4.00 per day and up. ABSOLUTELY
Strana 492 - that I did not take part in the type of debate in which stress is laid, not upon getting a speaker to think rightly, but on getting him to talk glibly on the side to which he is assigned, without regard either to what his convictions are or to what they ought to be.
Strana 576 - The Pratt Teachers' Agency 70 Fifth Avenue New York Recommends college and normal graduates, specialists, and other teachers to colleges, public and private schools. Advises parents about schools. •**, Win. O. Pratt.
Strana 635 - Inks and Adhesives. They will be a revelation to you, they are so sweet, clean, well put up, and withal so efficient. At Dealers Generally.
Strana 372 - A list of accredited high schools of the South is to be made out by the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States in order to stimulate the high schools to maintain high standards. It is intended that the "Southern List" shall be an honor list of schools for the entire section.
Strana 576 - What a Satisfaction to use the new India-Paper Edition of WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL ! Only half as thick, only half as heavy as the Regular Edition Printed on expensive, thin, strong, opaque, imported India Paper. Excellent printing surface. Clear impression of type and illustrations. So light, so convenient, that you will use it at every opportunity. Size, 12%
Strana 494 - organization has adequate information at present about the demand for workers or the opportunities and conditions of work and training in the 20 largest industries, not to mention the legion of smaller ones." Until more exact information is at hand the vocational-guidance movement, says the report, will remain "little more than a body of good intentions without any clarified plan.
Strana 546 - of whatever description, be chartered for a limited term by student council, subject to the supervision of the Faculty committee on student organizations. "Resolved, That a joint meeting of the Faculty committee on student organizations and of student council be held early in the fall to consider the operation of the second and third sections above.

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