Systematic Theology - Volume III

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Hodge's massive 2,400 page, 3-volume systematic theology is one of the most useful reference tools available. It goes systematically through topic after topic found in Holy Scripture and gives an in ... Přečíst celou recenzi

A basic reformed primer

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For Reformed theologians. This is a basic foundation; written by one of America's leading teachers and preachers. It is a difficult book to read-a ability to read Latin, is helpful, as Hodge tends to quote in it. Přečíst celou recenzi

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The Evangelical Doctrine 29
Preliminary Remarks 41
Different Kinds of Faith 67
Relation of Faith and Knowledge 75
Effects of Faith 104
Symbolical Statement of the Doctrine 114
Works not the Ground of Justification 134
The Necessity of the Sacraments 516
The Validity of the Sacraments 523
The Formula of Baptism 539
Infant Baptism 548
Whose Children are entitled to Baptism? 558
Efficacy of Baptism 579
Lutheran Doctrine of Baptism 604
The Lords Supper 511

The Righteousness of Christ the Ground of Justification 141
Proof of the Doctrine of Imputation 150
Objections to the Protestant Doctrine of Justification 171
Departures from the Protestant Doctrine 179
Modern Views on Justification 195
Its Nature 213
Wherein it consists 220
Fruits of 231
Necessity of Good Works 238
Relation of Good Works to Reward 241
Theories of Perfectionism 256
Preliminary Principles 259
Division of the Contents of the Decalogue 272
Invocation of Saints 281
Obedience to the Church 360
Selfdefence War Suicide Duelling 368
Number of the Sacraments 492
Elements to be Used Sacramental Actions Its Design 629
Modern Views on this Sacrament 650
Doctrine of the Church of Rome 677
Prayer 692
The Object of Prayer 700
Power of Prayer 708
Protestant Doctrine 718
Sleep of the Soul 730
Doctrine of the Church of Rome 743
Scriptural Doctrine 771
History of the Doctrine 781
The Church Doctrine 792
Calling of the Gentiles 800
Antichrist 812
The Kingdom of Heaven 855
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