Idylls of the King

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Independently Published, 17. 9. 2020 - Počet stran: 254
Book Excerpt: ...lledThe forest, letting in the sun, and madeBroad pathways for the hunter and the knightAnd so returned.For while he lingered there, A doubt that ever smouldered in the heartsOf those great Lords and Barons of his realmFlashed forth and into war: for most of these, Colleaguing with a score of petty kings, Made head against him, crying, 'Who is heThat he should rule us? who hath proven himKing Uther's son? for lo! we look at him, And find nor face nor bearing, limbs nor voice, Are like to those of Uther whom we knew.This is the son of Gorlois, not the King;This is the son of Anton, not the King.'And Arthur, passing thence to battle, feltTravail, and throes and agonies of the life, Desiring to be joined with Guinevere;And thinking as he rode, 'Her father saidThat there between the man and beast they die.Shall I not lift her from this land of beastsUp to my throne, and side by side wit

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