Brief Guide to the History of Architectural Styles: Complete edition

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Progress Builders, 8. 10. 2016 - Počet stran: 267

All 15 chapters in 1 book. Complete edition.

Brief Guide to the History of Architectural Styles is a full-color illustrated edition of the classic study of the history of European architecture from ancient world to Frank Lloyd Wright.

This handbook has been written by Tatyana Fedulova - Russian art critic, lecturer and popularize of history of Fine Arts, the expert in the History of Art and Religion.
It is a "Must Have" book for tourists, students, and architecture and arts enthusiasts.
It provides you with the most comprehensive and at the same time brief information of how the architectural styles were developed and flowed through the ages to our time.
The author reviewed the most significant structures that represent different styles and cultures of the world from the late 4th millennium BC. Extensively illustrated the guidebook includes photos, plans, scales for world-famous structures such as the Roman Colosseum, the tower of Babel, the Pantheon and many others.

- Ancient Egypt 
- Ancient Mesopotamia 
- Cretan-Mycenaean 
- Ancient Greece 
- Ancient Rome 
- Byzantine architecture 
- Romanesque 
- Gothic architecture 
- The Renaissance 
- Baroque 
- Rococo 
- Classicism 
- Eclecticism 
- Modern 
- Functionalism

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O autorovi (2016)

 Tatyana Fedulova was born in 1952 in Murmansk, Russia

Graduated from Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Russia - 1976
A senior researcher in the Vyborg Historical Museum, the teacher at humanitarian gymnasium, at Art college and Euro Academia (Tallinn, Estonia) in a field of History of Arts 1976 - 2003
A permanent lecturer / popularizer with the cycle of lectures about History of Arts at Tallinn's City Library 2003 - 2012
Self-publisher since 2013

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